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  1. The two that I got were spitting up smelt. I'll be down there tomorrow. I'm going to set tip ups for them. Duck Killer
  2. Went this afternoon for lakers off Onanda. Had quite a few hits while jigging in 130ft. Caught 2 little ones. Seems they weren't hitting hard today. Small bumps only. Duck Killer
  3. Wow!! That's what makes being outdoors so special! Great pic and thanks for sharing that moment with us! Tim Duck Killer
  4. Hey guys I really appreciate all of this and I know the kids will to! While I read all the posts I can't help to wonder if all these donations wouldn't be better served starting a similar program at another library. Maybe Seneca or another one of the finger lakes. I know a few people in the DEC that will help promote it and push it through. Let me know your thoughts! Tim Duck Killer
  5. Thanks guys! The fishing pole program has been a HUGE success! I put 16 poles and 16 small tackle boxes with some lures hooks and sinkers at the library 4 years ago. The program pretty much runs itself all I need to do is restock the boxes and retie hooks onto the pole once a week. Believe it or not at any give time during the fishing season there is maybe only one or two poles in the rack on any given day! The kids really use the heck out of those poles! It's been my dream to start a fishing camp for kids but unfortunately my job requires me to travel to often to devote the time. Duck Killer
  6. Lol some people think they own all the fish in the lake! I have lived on this lake for the past 40 plus years and have fished it almost just as many. There is a reason for sites like this! Fishing is not supposed to be a loner sport! I run a fishing pole rental at the public library just to get kids out and fishing again! We need them to keep the sport alive. Rental is free all they need is a library card and a want to enjoy the outdoors. People who want to keep all the fish to themselves reflects negatively on how the sport is meant to be! Share the fishing reports and share the sport! Especially with the kids! Tim Duck Killer
  7. Thanks for the update! Guess with all this wind we will be casting before to long. Duck Killer
  8. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. With any luck there will still be good ice there. Duck Killer
  9. Wow you lucky sob! I have been wanting to get out there! Hope the ice lasts through the weekend! I really want to get out there! What did you catch them on? Duck Killer
  10. Not to mention after a melt period that stirs up the water. This weekend should be good after the melt. Duck Killer
  11. I have got 11 keepers so far. All on tip ups with fat heads. I have been presenting everything I have to then on my rods. I can see them come up look at it take a bite then spit it. Only in 5 fow. This mudpuppy just scared the hell out of me lol. Came up poked its head out and went back down! Lmao Duck Killer
  12. I think the perch have moved into the shallows. I see allot down the holes but the just don't want the bait. Duck Killer
  13. In my opinion the rainbow makes up for no perch! Good catch!! I'm going start at sqaw island tomorrow and move south. Maybe I'll get lucky lol. Duck Killer
  14. Anyone on CDA today? Looking for the perch! Duck Killer
  15. Anyone every try or hear anything about ice fishing the deep water of Onanda park? Duck Killer
  16. Going out on CDA Saturday morning! Anyone going off butler? Duck Killer
  17. I was one of the guys north of you on the west side in front of butler. Spent most of the day trying to find them. Couldn't find anything but smalls and yes all on minnows. Duck Killer
  18. Anyone out on CDA today? Duck Killer
  19. Good action this morning but allot of smalls. Then it slowed right down. I just got off the ice a few minutes ago. Seems I'm having a hard time finding the big ones lol. Duck Killer
  20. No it's good ice just looks bad. When you get on or off you have to walk overt words the house more. Duck Killer
  21. It looks like they were doing their ice rescue training. I'm out here now but it's very very slow. Duck Killer
  22. Anyone out here on CDA today? Duck Killer
  23. Hey Tony. What are your fees? And what do we bring? Duck Killer
  24. Very nice!!! What did you catch them on? Duck Killer
  25. tplatt


    Anyone catching smelt out there yet? Duck Killer
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