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  1. Fenwick eagle gt s/s salmon/steelhead spinning rod, with a Pflueger President spinning reel. model President 690x. $ 75.00 or b.o. Caddis brand breathable boot foot chest waders. size men's 11. $ 75.00 or b.o. pick up in Sodus
  2. it's been a long time since, I been up there fishing. but we always had good luck, out in front of Scow island, for bass. a big shoal out there.
  3. would have loved to gong.to bad you weren't closer. the heck with football or any other sport. ( not a sports fan ) I rather be outside when it's nice like this. winter is to long, and that's when I stay in side, and get board and grumpy .
  4. this mite help you. ? visitoswegocounty.com Ron
  5. A fish of a life time!!. someday before I get to old to fish, any more. I hope to catch one like that. Ron
  6. I will be heading up to the islands sometime tomorrow morning. 3 in the morning ? wonder how fishing fishing from a dock would be at that time. going to have to give it a try.
  7. Sounds like you had a fun time. glad you left me some fish, LOL . I will be up there, next month for a week. can't wait. I know, I really like the, Chippewa bay area, myself. just wish I had a boat, or could fine someone to go out with.
  8. Hi everyone. I would like to try fishing for them is year. going to take off opening day.so I am looking for places around wayne co. to fish for them. the only bad thing about it, I don't own a boat. so I would be shore fishing. anyone know of any spots. Ron
  9. nice offer. wish I lived closer. I am looking to get into fly fishing. Ron
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