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  1. I have a set of four, with the springs and flag system. Looking for $135 shipped from Michigan . They do not have the upgraded snapper releases. I can send pictures. Bruce
  2. I have a really nice 800 series, no line counter. looking for $300 for it. Bruce
  3. I am located in Michigan. Happy to meet in the Grand Rapids Mi area, or I can send more photos or even videos if you are interested.
  4. Big Jon Trolling System 1. Mast and reels, 5 feet, with mounting base. $275 plus $45 towards shipping. 2. Otter Boats (2). Single keel. $225 plus $40 towards shipping. or best offer. Pick up near Grand Rapids, Mi is also an option. please let me know if you have questions or need other pictures. Bruce
  5. Sold-Thank you. another set will be posted shortly
  6. I have a pair of Cannon Easi Troll manual downriggers with slide bases. Looking for $325 or best offer . Shipping available from Michigan if needed.
  7. Message sent with pictures of Stinger spoon blanks
  8. I have one old 300 LC that looks brand new. $250 plus shipping. I have 3 500 LC as well-same price. Can send pictures if needed. Bruce
  9. One more time -still looking Thanks for any help
  10. Wish you were closer - I would be interested in these.
  11. I am looking for a pair of Big Jon swivel bases to move some downriggers around on my boat. If anyone has a set of these that you would sell, please reach out to me. Thanks advance.Bruce
  12. Big John dual mast system, 5 feet tall, dual reels. Dusty very very limited use. Previous owned said he used this twice. $275 plus $45 shipping Big Jon Otter Boats, single keel. Look to be new. $225 plus $40 to ship. or best offer for either item. Pickup in the Grand Rapids Mi area is also an option.
  13. I will offer $20 shipped to Michigan. Please let me know if you are interested. Should be light enough for first class shipping.
  14. Just picked up a Garmin 2210 to upgrade the old and small electronics in my fishing boat. Looking for a power cord if anyone has one available. Thanks in advance. Bruce
  15. I have a pair. New condition, single keel. $200 shipped as I am in Michigan. I can get pictures tomorrow Bruce Brasser Rockford, MI
  16. Haven’t heard back from first buyer that was interested, so still for sale.
  17. Big Jon - dual reel mast with pulleys. . 2 piece , 6 foot, allows for easy storage Pole mount is included Single Keel otter boats. Used but in good shape. $400 plus $40 towards shipping, or pick up in Grand Rapids, Michigan area.
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