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  1. There are Always fish off Olcott somewhere - I wouldn’t be apprehensive about fishing there or Wilson to The bar. More kings East for sure but still enough around. I always take off the few days before Labor Day Plenty of kings inside and you can always run to the deep- Every year is different but fish are fish.

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  2. Wilson 8/8 and 8/9
    As stated West of port was good
    Loads of bait - we ran 2 dipseys and 2riggers
    We did 18 kings- all teens with 19 pounds being the best fish of the weekend
    10 coho or so and many greasers
    All but 1 king and 3 coho released
    Kept things relatively deep to avoid playing with cohos all day
    Best water for us was 65-80
    Braid dipseys dominated both days for us - 2set 166 back with spoons and FF 182 - various colors
    Riggers took some fish but dipseys smoked them
    Rainbow warrior/dream weaver green splatter best spoons for us
    Green/silver flies

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  3. Started the morning off Wilson in 425’- 470’ and worked it until noon- then set the course to the power plant . Took a Atlantic a coho 2 Kings and 9 steelhead - FF took all. Riggers down 75 and dipseys 200. I’m working inside now and we took one mature pushing 24. IMG_3566.JPGIMG_3557.JPGIMG_3567.JPGLast troll of the year for me . All 3 salmon species in a day is a cool way to end it.



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  4. Late here too-
    Worked 480’in pockets of water for 3 kings and 2 steelhead. FF nite for me on dipseys. Fleas and bugs and heat.
    Ran inside to 78’ if water and took 2 more matures and a few skippies. Spoon bite- mag black: pearl warrior.. biggest king was 22.
    I’m out now and working that inside water again- one mature on Dipseys FF. Screamer on now - same deal

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