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  1. My last 2 trips my subtroll would cut out ( including the decimal on the readout) First time after checking out possibilities the unit kicked back on when the bilge pump kicked on. Today it worked for the first few hours - cut out and stayed that way for a time. I Tried kicking the bilge on to see if it would start back up- it didn’t but a 1/2 hour later kicking on the Bilge fired it back up and it stayed till I pulled rods .

    Anyone have any thoughts before I get to it this coming Friday. I have had it for many years without issue -Thanks in advance for any responses.



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  2. Set up in 425’ and trolled north. Water was very warm! 70’s all the way down to 80’ .We took one mature king - 19# 115 down in 61 degree water. Hit a FF on a rigger. We also took 2 smaller kings and a steelhead same program. Worked out to 487’ and just couldn’t find any temp so we pulled at 9:30 and ran into 200’ and trolled into 130’.

    Took a decent steelhead down 120 on a rigger and a smaller king both on FF. Took a awesome rip on a dipsey out 220 with a spoon but no one home. Marked some bait inside and an occasional good hook. Off the water by noon- the heat was oppressive!

    Back at it again next weekend



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  3. Had a great morning out of Wilson.

    Set up in 375 and headed North. Once we hit 460-485’ it was on. Temp was down 95. Riggers at 95 and 85 did the most damage. Black NK with orange ladder back spoon did well buT NBK flasher with green/gold fly took all our big fish. Went 13/14 -big healthy coho- kings and a few Steelies. Best king was 24 and best coho was 13.East troll was bestIMG_0711.JPGIMG_0713.JPGIMG_0714.JPG



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  4. Are only king we landed today was on a watermelon warrior 52’ down over 280’ west of olcott.Best picture of the day was that depth for me. Small break
    IMG_0652.JPG. Had my nephew and brother who are very green. They lost another 5. All spoon bites.Worked out to 400’ but couldn’t get anything consistent going

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  5. There are Always fish off Olcott somewhere - I wouldn’t be apprehensive about fishing there or Wilson to The bar. More kings East for sure but still enough around. I always take off the few days before Labor Day Plenty of kings inside and you can always run to the deep- Every year is different but fish are fish.

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  6. Wilson 8/8 and 8/9
    As stated West of port was good
    Loads of bait - we ran 2 dipseys and 2riggers
    We did 18 kings- all teens with 19 pounds being the best fish of the weekend
    10 coho or so and many greasers
    All but 1 king and 3 coho released
    Kept things relatively deep to avoid playing with cohos all day
    Best water for us was 65-80
    Braid dipseys dominated both days for us - 2set 166 back with spoons and FF 182 - various colors
    Riggers took some fish but dipseys smoked them
    Rainbow warrior/dream weaver green splatter best spoons for us
    Green/silver flies

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  7. Started the morning off Wilson in 425’- 470’ and worked it until noon- then set the course to the power plant . Took a Atlantic a coho 2 Kings and 9 steelhead - FF took all. Riggers down 75 and dipseys 200. I’m working inside now and we took one mature pushing 24. IMG_3566.JPGIMG_3557.JPGIMG_3567.JPGLast troll of the year for me . All 3 salmon species in a day is a cool way to end it.



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