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  1. Love it when they grab it at the boat. Expecting it on every cast is like Christmas morning as a kid over and over. Good pair of polarised shades help.
  2. I'm saying that the walleye in them lakes are in the same boat as the tigers. Meaning only sustainable for fishing because of the efforts of stocking just like the tigers. Tigers can't reproduce and walleye natural reproduction gets cut off because of the alewife eating the young walleye. So the question is why do the tiger musky guys get mad when someone kills a tiger when the tiger guys kill the walleye and its OK. It's a double standard if you understand the eco system of the lake. Which most tiger musky guys do. I'm not arguing or trying to. Just curious to people's thoughts.
  3. I actually catch 3 times as many tigers as walleye on conesus. Sometimes in the months of may and June its not uncommon for me to catch 5 or more tigers in a couple hours. But I'm sure that its the same on otisco. Especially during the dog days of summer.
  4. To me I release 95% of my fish and I could care less about what people do with them. We all pay for a license. However Atisco lake and Conesus Lake walleye do not reproduce naturally due to the Alewife eating the walleyes eggs. So the only way to sustain the walleye population is threw stocking just like tiger muskys in these lakes. So why isn't the catch and release mentality the same for the walleye as the tigers?
  5. I remember a topic on this page a couple years ago. People stated that there is little if any natural walleye reproduction on these lakes and it depended on the Dec to keep up on the stocking programs in order to keep the walleye population up. Whats the difference in getting mad if someone keeps and kills a sterile tiger vs a walleye in a fishery that can't sustain itself? Kind of the same thing?
  6. Casting Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Fished Conesus for couple hours this morning. It was a little cold however pulled 2 good pike out and a couple small ones. Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Yes the silver lake in Wny. She doesn't get to come often but when I take her I make sure to put her on fish.lol Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. My wife caught this walleye on Silver lake on mothers day. Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. This one was running down a small 8 point opening morning of gun. Now he keeps me warm ice fishing!
  11. It only weighed 3.8 after it puked up that duck. Could have used that extra weight with the top three spots so close. White_instincs @instagram
  12. Regurgitated it in my live well during a tournament at Honeoye Lake. White_instincs @instagram
  13. They have a Facebook page and a website avonanglers.com...Avon anglers (Facebook) White_instincs @instagram
  14. Ya I no think there was a whopping 15 boats. White_instincs @instagram
  15. I won it this year with over 19lbs for walleye and won the pike the next week. Since I started fishing it the last three years I've always takin the pike or the walleye category. Last year I won pike and second in walleye but I fish it alone usually. Honestly I catch all my fish before sun down. Last year was the first year I caught 2 eyes at night and this year I caught 2 at night also. It was nice cuz when the weigh in is at 2 or 3am, and you have your fish already at sun down it makes for a long night to wait to weigh your fish in. Sometimes i go back to the dock and sleep. White_instincs @instagram
  16. I agree with Justin there is a window every spring that walleye and pike fishing is money. the whole month of may Ive found to be great. better than bass fishing and Im no walleye guy but i can put eyes in the boat during this window in the day time also. However I don't troll. Conesus, Silver and Cuba Lake are solid. People do put eyes in the boat at conesus. Participate in the spring Avon Anglers pike/walleye tournament and you will see it first hand. White_instincs @instagram
  17. Good luck! There some tanks in there. Looking forward to seeing pics. White_instincs @instagram
  18. Couple fish from Saturday. White_instincs @instagram
  19. Took my buddy from Arizona today. The cotton wood wasn't an issue at all today. Water temps from 67 to 69. Started first light casting for pike and finished in the afternoon casting for bass. Landed several bass and pike. White_instincs @instagram
  20. East and west side points and flats. The bite is going to slow down with in the next couple weeks. White_instincs @instagram
  21. Fished conesus this morning for three hours. Hooked up on 8 pike and 3 largemouths. Would have stayed however the cottonwood was extremely bad. Seemed as the day got warmer the cotton got worse. Water temp for the most part was 69 White_instincs @instagram
  22. Had a small tournament on Conesus tonight. Water is up because of all the rain. Most docks are under water. Water was stained and had debris floating. Was forced to keep one of my pike because it died in live well. My buddy and I got 6 pike, 1 tiger, 4 smallmouth and 5 largemouth. Water temp was 55-58. White_instincs @instagram
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