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  1. Hey ice frog, I tried calling your buddy several times.. He never answered!! If joe w takes the extendable booms, and the other ones have auto stop, I'm very interested in the other two!! Let us know if there still available and if they have auto stops on all of them!!!
  2. I'm selling for a friend. 5 of them work fine. The 6th is for parts. Is believed that all its needs is a new switch. $1,200 for all 6.
  3. Cannon digitrol 2 for sale. Works fine but readout has a dark spot on left side and spool is split ! $175.00
  4. Are they still available and if so are they the positive ion design?
  5. With the cannons I believe the auto stop is internal. Have you run them at all?
  6. Do they have auto stop and where r u located in vt. I'm in Granville
  7. I would also be interested in buying one so them if you choose to separate them!!!!
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