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  1. Looking to purchase Rapala F-9 and F-11 original floaters bleeding series in Olive Flash as pictured. Please send all replies to Craig at [email protected] with items you are willing to part with and pricing. I will respond asap. Thank you
  2. Where are you located?
  3. I like the cannon dual axis holders. Thank you. Let me me know if the deal falls through tomorrow.
  4. If above deals falls through, I will take all of them. Let me know thanks, Chris
  5. Fish USA has them for 109.00 a piece!! I just bought a pair of them. I hit the deal with 10% off. I think they have $15 dollars off today!!
  6. Rods up

    Sold / Closed sold

    I will take the otter boards if first deal falls through please. Pm sent
  7. Only ran it 2 months. Runs as it should. Swivel base needs a new locking pin and rigger needs cable. $325. I will be in Mexico every weekend till September other than 8/4 weekend.
  8. I will ship but won’t be until Monday when I get home. I live near Glens falls, ny.
  9. I would rather get rid of it all as a bundle. Yes all is still available.
  10. $60 or I’m looking for a okuma leadcore/ copper rod 8 1/2 ft. If anybody is willing to trade. I’m in Mexico till Sunday.
  11. Sorry if I didn’t get back to someone. I had several people pm me and was trying to keep them in order. They have been sold. Thank you for everybody who responded.
  12. Thank you. Fat nancy’s Doesn’t have 8 pounders. I checked.
  13. 4 cannon big body locks with keys. $100 shipped
  14. Ok bandrus. If it’s not an actual chrome shark, my buddy won’t want it. Thanks for you help nick.
  15. Bandrus 1 do you have a pics of yours. These that my buddy has are actual 8lb chrome shark weights that he has had for years. I sent an email to shark and waiting for a response. I’m still searching for him. Thank you all for all the responses and help.
  16. Hey Nick, I called them earlier and He said they already placed their order for this year. I asked him for a contact number so I could call them myself and they told me they order from shark website. I’m gonna check that out in awhile.
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