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  1. So what are the specs on the intersate?
  2. So in my previous post I was talking about installing a new Terrova 80LB 24V w\ Ipilot in my boat. My question is what battery do you guys recommend? I have been looking at AGM group 31 batteries and they will cost as much as the motor! Should I bite the bullet and spend $600 on two batteries or can you get away with something less expensive. Obviously I don't want to spend less and sacrifice power\battery life. Any advice appreciated! Sorry if this has been covered before but I did a search and didn't find anything
  3. Thanks you all for your comments!
  4. Understood but I am just not sure how I am going to get into the front of the bow to install the bolts... The cushion doesn't come off and the carpet\wood looks to be riveted on the top. I didn't want to just start taking all the screws out of the carpet becasue once they are out it is a PIA to find the holes again to put them back in.
  5. No place for a battery up front. There are two compartments for batteries in the center of the boat near the consoles. The cables run from these compartments to a port in the front of the boat to hook up your trolling motor. The port is in the left hand side of the pic below. My problem isn't the cables it is mounting the plate that the trolling motor will connect to. The cushions don't snap off either...
  6. Yeah the plugs are fine on both sides. Only the cables coming from the battery are cracked. So I can just buy the flush mount power ports and run regular electrical cable behind them?
  7. So I have two completely different questions I want to ask. The first is that I am buying a new Minnkota Terrova in the spring to put on my boat and I am not sure how to remove the front panel for the install. Attached are some pics so you can see what I am dealing with. What do I actually need to do to get access to underneath the front? Do I need to pop all the rivets on top and remove the metal? There are no screws where the padding is and I feel like even if I take off the screws on the floor below the padding it has no where to go..... Any advice would be great! My second question is this boat came with a set of Cannon Mag 10's. All the wires that come from the battery to the downrigger have cracked and are no longer good. The wires on the actual downrigger are fine though. The kits to replace these are $55 a piece and one rigger needs a new motor which is $150. How much are these worth? Is it worth putting $200 into one of them? Also does anyone have the a good set of the old style wires that go from the battery to the downrigger? That would save me from having to replace everything. Thanks again for any advice!
  8. So I have the old school wires that all dry rotted on my mag 10's. I went to the local Cannon Downrigger repair man and he told me he can replace the wires. He said that the wire that attaches to the downrigger isn't easy to install. You need to drill it out with a 1" hole? Basically he said $45 per downrigger for the cable kit plus $25 to install. Is this a good price? Should I just do it myself?
  9. I still haven't been able to find one of these used, if you have one please PM me! Thanks!
  10. I am also putting on a MinnKota Terrova with Ipilot Link so I don't know if it would be more beneficial to use the Lakemaster?
  11. This is why I can't make up my mind! lol To me it is between the Hummingbird Lakemaster and the Navionics Platinum+ BUT I don't know what one to choose!
  12. Thanks for the advise guys! I am primarily fishing the northeast (Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, Lake George, Sacandaga)
  13. So I have a Hummingbird 859DI and I am going to get a Navionics chip for it. My question is what is the best choice? Navionics Gold, Navionics Hotmaps Premium or Platinum? To me it looks like Hotmaps Platinum for fishermen (that's what I'm using it for). Any advice appreciated!
  14. I saw this posted on a CTD and found it very interesting. He caught the same fish 3 times in one week! I guess if you practice proper C&R these fish can definitely live to fight another day. What is everyone's thought's on this? How long do you think until a fish will bite again?
  15. I am looking for a Minnkota Terrova Trolling Motor with I-Pilot Link 80lb thrust with 24 volt 60" shaft. Please Pm me if you have one that you want to sell, thanks!
  16. So I bought a boat with 4 electric Cannon Mag 10's on it. I will never use all 4 at the same time and I do a lot of fishing that a regular rod holder would work better for me. I was thinking I could rig something up that would attach right to the existing cannon swivel base and attach a triple rod holder to it....My question is has anyone ever done this before? Do they sell anything that will mount right on the base? Thanks!
  17. Yeah I hit the reset 10 times. It puts the cable out no problem but won't pull it back in. I flip flopped the downrigger to the other side which I know is working and it still didn't work. Everyone seems to be saying switch. Is it typical that the switch just stops working one way?
  18. Why would that have blown do you think? How bad of a job is it to replace?
  19. Yesterday while out fishing I lowered my downrigger ball to 110ft and when I went to bring it back up NOTHING happened. It is a Cannon Mag 10 and it worked fine 5 minutes before. It goes down no problem but when I hit the switch to come back nobody is home. Any ideas? I bought this boat with the downriggers on it so i am not really familiar with them.
  20. So I bought a boat this spring, (2005 Smokercraft 192 Ultima) and have been using it as is all year. The fishfinder and trolling motor need upgrading to the latest and greatest so I just purchased a new fish finder. The boat is also equipped with 4 electric Cannon downriggers. While hooking up the new fish finder I was looking for the fuse panel to hook it directly to. I can't find a fuse panel anywhere on the boat and it looks like EVERYTHING is hooked to the main battery with inline fuses. The fishfinder currently hooked up doesn't even appear to have any fuse associated with it. This boat is in like new condition and very well taken care of. My questions are: Is it possible that the boat has no fuse panel at all? Is anyone familiar with this boat and know where the fuse panel is if it does exist? What is my best option for connecting the new fishfinder? When I say everything is hooked up to the main battery I mean Fishfinder, 4 downriggers, radio and motor. Any advice is appreciated!
  21. So I just bought a new boat that has a 190horse I\O. The slowest that I can get the speed of the boat down to is 2.5mph. My long term goal is to put a kicker motor on it but until that happens I have two questions.... 1) I am heading up in early September for Kings, I have fished for trout in the spring but never salmon. What speed do you typically troll for Salmon this time of the year? 2) What trolling plate would be good for this motor? I have heard of people dragging bags or buckets but I don't like that idea. I feel like all that stuff in the water can make a mess fast if you get a fish on. Thanks for any advice!
  22. So I bought a new boat, took it out for the first time to a local lake and hit a shallow spot. The worst part is I knew it was shallow and was doing 2mph with the motor trimmed completely up. Needless to say the propeller is now junk and needs to be replaced. The skeg on the lower unit just got a few nicks in it which I think is purely cosmetic. The motor was like new though and it drives me crazy that it looks like crap now with the dings in it. What is the best option to make it look new again? Should I put on one of the skeg protectors? What are the typical costs? Any advice is appreciated!
  23. This is a 2000 Lowe sea nymph 150T . It is powered by a 2003 Yamaha 40 horse tiller motor. The tiller is perfect for this size boat because it gives you more room in the boat. The top speed is around 32mph. I have 2 Cannon easy troll downriggers with swivel bases in excellent condition. 4 quick release Scotty rod holders around boat. Also included is a Hummingbird fish finder and a Evinrude bow mount trolling motor with 36lbs thrust and foot controls. The trailer is a 2003 Shorelander (16ft) . I have fished anywhere from Lake Ontario to Lake George with this boat. It is a great boat, the only reason I am selling is because I upgraded to a larger boat. This boat has always been stored indoors year round. The registration is good until 2017 and it is also has a year pass for Lake George until spring 2016. Just bought a new boat I need this one gone! I am asking $5000, please PM me if you are interested.
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