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  1. Anyone have a Terrova that they are looking to upgrade and sell me?
  2. I just purchased a new boat and I am looking for a 10horse 4 stroke kicker with power trim plate and Bow mount Minn Kota Terrova with I-pilot 80lbs thrust. If you have either of these available please PM me, Thanks!
  3. Yeah I guess that is my question.. I haven't seen too many 18-20ft aluminum fishing boats with an I/O on them. I personally have no experience with an I/O. Does anyone have opinions on buying this boat with a I/O instead of an outboard?
  4. I am in the market for a new boat. I have an opportunity to buy a 2003 Smokercraft ultima 192 with a 190 horse I\O mercruiser. I have never owned a Smoker craft or a I\O. Just looking for any input?
  5. 10 color setup, sorry I changed the topic name
  6. I am looking for two 8'6 medium rods and spooled 10 color line counter reel combos. I would also like a couple spoons and dodger\fly setups to go with this. New to this stuff and I want if possible I just want to buy it all from one person and be done with it thanks! PM me if you have everything listed above for sale.
  7. Nobody on this huh? I'd really like to get the unit up and running.
  8. I am looking for two Cannon Swivel Bases. Please PM me if you are interested in selling a pair. Thanks!
  9. I bought a fish hawk 840 but it is missing the transducer. Does anyone have one that they would like to sell?
  10. So I have the opportunity to purchase a 2006 Fisher 160 Hawk Sport with a 90 horse Mercury at what I consider to be a great price. I wanted to get some honest opinions on this boat. I have read that there was issues with the welds prior to 2000. Basically I feel I can't pass this boat up for the price but I also don't want to get into a boat that is going to be problems either. Any advise is appreciated! Thanks!
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