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  1. My wife and I are trying to plan a trip to look at properties. I don't think we can do it this year but possibly next. I can't wait I got family and friend up there and they love it.. Hope your trip goes well
  2. Thanks Scobar any suggestions on places to stay we been looking at that area on maps. I wanted to check it out last trip but ran out of time..
  3. I did ok on steelhead last trip and hoping some still around. I'm not into warm species...
  4. Thanks we always go legal or I don't go and yes my boat all Maine legal. It was end of April and into may when I was out two years ago. So I understand every years different and is a crazy winter. I just had a friend come back from there said was still fish where he was fishing. Hoping to get into some browns I had great luck from shore last trip and learned some locations to fish. We only have 3 or 4 days this trip..
  5. Hi folks love the forum. My son and I along with a friend are coming to NY mid April. I'm curious what I have to do to use my Maine registered boat in Ny? Do I have to get a permit or anything? I tryed to look it up online but didn't seem to find anything. We plan on doing some tributaries fishing for Steelies and want to fish the lake for some browns. I'm looking for a reasonable priced place for us to stay. Preferably where we may be close to some per fishing incase the winds to much for my small boat.
  6. Great point but tuff, I'm a Mainer that started fishing your water last spring. I see 1 out of every 3 fisherman snagging while fishing some of your rivers and some way more. Some spots I watched the same fisherman return day after day and some multiple time daily and snag fish and leave each time. I can see your point and is a good one but I see you all have enforcement issues. With out good enforcement laws do zero good
  7. I find your pen projects very interesting. Do you gather data like growth rates and O2 levels along with temps? I'm very interested in how much they grow in the few weeks in the pens and how much feed is fed out. Is this data available?
  8. Thanks sk8man, she is pretty excited, I only did 4 years myself. I talked with old cpt bill for a bit this morning and really appreciate all the help and your offer old boy. Maybe get a chance to try for a fish with you while we are there. Hopefully mother nature will give us some good weather this coming week. I noticed the rivers flows are slowing some...
  9. Thanks fellas I surely appreciate the info. Ive been going over gear this morning and double checking things. I'm probably way under gunned rod wise for this but we will we what happens. Been a hard winter and seriously have had to pinch pennies plus I totaled the wife's car at 20 mph. Darn junk they sell these days. Our scheduals a military one so not sure how its going to be until monday. You guys got some awesome fishing out here and even bad fishing to you fellas could be awesome for me.... Thanks a bunch
  10. Hi folks been reading the forum and checking out some of your pics.. Some great fish and stories thanks for sharing to all that have. My wife and I from Maine and will be in Fort Drum for ten days while she does her out processing from the army after 20 years. I,m looking to do some brown trout fishing and possibly catch my first steelhead. I understand spring run off and all the rain things are high. I thought I might be able to chase some browns around the lake shore. Most of what I've read about the shore fishing for them have been to the western. Is there areas to catch them from the black east into the st Lawrence? Wish I could get out on a charter but just can't afford it after I wrecked the wife's car. I do have a rental and can travel. I fly and spin fish both bait and lures and think I got the rivers figured out as to where I can try. I like catching brown, brookies, lakers , and wouldn't mind big pike or possibly checking a walleye of my list while there. I've been reading the laws and getting them figured out. I'm a catch and release guy so not interested in keeping any. Any suggestions as to spring steelhead fly's or where I could chase some Lakers or browns from shore would be awesome. I will have time to travel some and will be going to Niagara river over next weekend to see the falls and do some shore fishing.. I have ten days so I'm all ears if anyone's interested share some info... Thanks Derek
  11. Awesome fish old boy and congrats on the release I'm a catch and release guy myself. I get to head to new York Sunday for my first time ever fishing. My wife is retiring from the army at fort drum so we will be there ten days. So I get to do nothing but fish..
  12. Sounds like a great day and glade your boat stayed on the trailer. I'm used to traveling on gravel road in the middle of no where towing boats. So extra spare tires and a safety chain on the hook is a must for me. I never trust the load strap I've had the crank bust before and boat come off the trailer and sat in the road.. Not good.lol
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