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  1. There doing better at fair haven .I talked to someone yesterday and they said there was more bait in that area = more salmon.but they will moving into Oswego soon.
  2. We got some nice sheepshead out of the Oswego harbor when fishing for browns.I hit the like button for ya.I remember as a kid fishing at lake Champlain we would get Em on worms.lolThen we would go to the creeks and use drag nets to get suckers and run huge homemade orange spinner rigs with a 10 or 12 inch suckers behind.Got my largest pike ever.That lake really held some monster pike back in the earlly 80's
  3. Thanks for the offer .found a seller.If anything changes I will bump this up and get a hold of ya if the offer still stands.thanks
  4. Looking to buy some J-Plugs in size 4 or 5. PLEASE send me a pm with what you have and your phone number and I will get back to you.
  5. She's all ready by next week to start kicking some salmon ass.lol I live 6 blocks away from Wrights landing and plan to be out as much as I can fishing and giving out reports out of oswego for ya guys
  6. I would go with scotty.I have used almost every brand out there and big Jon where the worst in my opinion.Go with either scotty or cannon and go with 16 pound weights and you can see you weights pretty deep on your fish finder without having to mess around with your transducer.
  7. Fished with a guy who had one.Nothing like seeing a king come up and smash a spoon or fly.seen kings take a look then fade back into the dark and then a different rod fires.pretty cool to watch
  8. I also have fished out of this boat and it does run great and handles good.mako makes one hell of a boat.
  9. Well my blower switch is bad and on the side of the switch is says 3A 250 vac 6A 125 vac 1/4hp 125-250vac Where would find the same switch for the blower. My navigation light switch has a 6 prong switch.I just want to make sure I get the right switches.my boat is a 86 sportcraft 210 fisherman. Thanks
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