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    Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Spending time on my little farm. Pretty much anything that gets me outdoors.
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  1. Always wanted to do this myself. Was it expensive?
  2. Well, I settled on a local Gun Dog Club and Bear has been in traing for the past several weeks. Today he turned 15wks. He is tracking the birds well, and we started him with gun fire this past weekend. He worked extremely well and I couldn't be happier right now. Tracked both birds, flushed them, we shot and he retrieved both. He is not holding them well when he brings them in, but he is dropping them at my feet. Thanks for all the responses and guidance so far. We are getting closer to wrapping up the boats and getting settled into our hutning seasons. Good luck to everyone and stay safe.
  3. Has anyone been out of the south end? Just curious if that is doing anything.
  4. I have been thinking of do that same thing but was just going to run a long lead core line. Maybe I'll give it a try. I don't have a fishing (wider) style kayak, but it's still sounds like fun. Congrats on a beautiful catch.
  5. Thanks Everyone that has offered suggestions. I am going to visit Pheasant Hollow in Bloomfield to start out with to see how that goes. So far my pup is doing well, but then I don't know what I don't know. Sure seems to be interested in what we are doing at least.
  6. Lab Training Good Morning, I'm looking for some guidance and recommendations on some Lab Training, that would be available in the Livonia area. I am getting my 8wk old pup on Thursday this week and was hoping to find some local training club / individual. Please let me know if anyone knows of a good source in the Livonia / Hemlock area.
  7. Still available. I could pick up tomorrow - 4/28/17
  8. The smiles on the little ones faces say it all. Nice Job
  9. Nice job - Thanks for the report. Are the docks in at the Ramps yet?
  10. Niagara Fishing Show Attended the show over this past weekend and took in the Salmon School again this year. Great presentations and a great show. If your into fishing and want to see the latest and greatest tackle and learn form some regional fishing experts, you need to attend this show in 2018. Another successful year and show put on by our LOTSA community and others. Great job to all and Tight Lines when you can. Stay safe out there.
  11. My order took almost two months to receive. Great product but the unprofessional business responses are definitely not good for any business. They would be better off taking down their website.
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments. At least I'm not the only one losing my mind trying to keep the fleas from collecting. Safe Fishing and Best of Luck out there.
  13. Just curious as to what some guys are using for their main line on their downrigger and side planner poles. I have recently been using 30lb test and then running a 10-12ft Fluorocarbon Leader in either 12 or 15lb test. Used the 30lb to try and limit the flea build-up. I've been thinking of backing off to at least 20lb test but was just curious what others may be having luck with. Hope to here some options.
  14. This time of year, I would work back and forth (East & West) across the bar / drop off at the south end of the lake. Small spoons off riggers or you could get into a small Seth Green set-up. In either case, if you don't have either, you can work with flat lines but give them some weight to get them down to 10-12ft. You can also work the shore lines, but I find the west side usually produces better. As the year progresses, you will need to work much deeper and sometimes bumping bottom to stir up the lakers, so to speak. Side Planers with stick baits work well as long as you get them back a ways. (80' - 120') Ideally, you should have some type of depth recorder, but that being said, I have fished the lake for years and back in the day when my father was around, we never had a depth recorder, downriggers, or side planers. Back then it was Hand Seth Green Rigs, Old Victrola Jug Rigs, and in the spring, a lot of Slip Sinker fishing on bottom for the lakers. Good Luck, Don't give up, It's a great lake to fish and you can't beat the scenery. Just enjoy the serenity and being out doors. Fish Safe
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