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  1. I have a boat......my issue is that I can't tow the camper and boat at the same time. I think I technically could since I have a CDL with doubles/triples and my camper is a 5th wheel. Not sure about NY but I know I'm legal to to do so in PA......if you wanna fish sometime give me a holler. I'm a school teacher so i'm off all summer. I work on the side during the summer but it's easy to break away.
  2. What a trip!!! Can't wait to go back. Ended up with 119 fish. Thought we'd do a bit better, but I can't complain. Fished Eel Bay, Chipewae Bay, around bouy 214 on the St Lawrence and all around those islands through the cut, Lake of The Isles and spent a day over at Black Lake. Caught my first bowfin at Black Lake and a nice cattie. Tons of small and large mouth bass and a bunch of small-ish pike. No monsters like I had hoped but it was a great time. The area between Eel and Lake of the Isles is awesome. We fished some of those little pockets along that rift. the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police??) boat came by us at one point and gave us a stare, but didn't bother to stop. We were in NY waters anyway (they were too lol). Didn't get too many pictures but I'll see if I can get a few uploaded. The kid that was with us nailed the biggest smallie I've ever seen right at bouy 214. We were messing around trying to lucky with walleye, but he nailed that on a deep diving crank bait. didn't mess around trying to weigh or measure it, we wanted to get it back in the drink asap, but it was a hoss. Weeds were sparse in Eel and almost none in Chippewae. Guy at the marina at the state park said they had ice until early May and things got off to a really slow start. Thanks for all the help guys!!
  3. I didn't get any walleyes my one buddy is up on Wolfe island with another group. He claimed they both 34". Got them on white 3/4oz bucktails with plastic worms. Were in black lake now. Not doing too hot. Missed a few bass. It's a beautiful lake Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Doing pretty good. Lots of bass unfortunately. The pike have been a slow pick but there's some. My buddy is on the Canadian side on Wolfe island. They're slamming the fish. They're getting high numbers but says the pile are slow, he's getting mainly bass and a few walleyes. Gonna yank the boat out tonight and trailer up to black lake for the day. Any suggestions or tips for that lake?? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. ahh I read it wrong. So no catch & release for small & large mouths? I assume we'll still catch a handful even though we're planning to target pike. Do they hassle you up there if you C&R bass? I'll be fishing mainly with spinners. using 30 lb braid and 18lb flouro leader. I do have a handful of steel leaders but I'd rather not use them unless I have to. Are the safe channels marked fairly well in that area? My boat only drafts about 12-18" I think. Really don't want to tear anything up.
  6. Leaving tomorrow morning. I'll post updates throughout the week. Wish me luck!!
  7. Thanks everyone!! Question: I'm planning to keep the boat in the marina at the state park. The border line is literally RIGHT there. To get us into Eel bay, we'd have to go out around the north side of Wellesley Island. Will we have any issues with the border? I think I remember seeing the border clearly marked by bouys last year, but that was over at Wolfe Island. Do they patrol the border and throw you in the slammer if you cross it on a boat? How's that whole thing work? Also, what about getting through from the marina into Lake of the Isles? Can you boat through there? Looks pretty narrow and the border is shown going right through that area. Is that the area they call the "International Rift"? We don't have any plans to fish the Canadian side, just don't to get into any trouble navigating around through that area.
  8. I'm headed up to the Thousand Islands late next week. We'll be camping at Wellesley Island State Park. Taking my 17' aluminum deep V. It's rigged for trolling (and general fishing) and I have two manual riggers. Not planning to do much trolling though. Looking to target Pike, LMB, SMB and walleye. I fished off of Wolfe Island last June and did awesome on the LMB and pike with Mepps #5 spinners. Planning to try that again. Anybody have any general info on that area like where to target, what baits are hot, etc? Probably plan to spend a lot of time fishing Eel Bay, Lake of the Isles, and that general area. But the boat is easily trailerable so if Chaumont Bay is worth hitting, I could spend a day down there too. This won't be a "fill the freezer" trip but I'm sure I'll keep a Pike or two for dinner. I'd love to get in to some Walleyes if they're around. I've never targeted them before and I've yet to catch a walleye. Does trolling normally produce decent eyes? I'll probably take 4 planer boards and my most of my trolling gear. Not sure if I should bother taking the riggers or not. I've never been up that way so I'm not sure what to expect other than what I've read online. How's Eel Bay? Is it rocky, shallow, deep weedy muddy?? If anybody could give me some help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!!!
  9. Misty where you from? I'm in berks county just north of Reading. I'm always looking for new fishing buddies. I fish the flats in the Chesapeake quite a bit too if you wanna come for a day trip. Just holler . I'm off work for most the summer so I can get away real easy Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Hey Graham, does the campground only have seasonal sites or do they have transient sites as well?
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to this site (it's awesome btw). I fished at little Sodus last August and this past weekend with minimal luck I think the weather had a lot to do with our success rates both times. Cold fronts both trips. I like the area though. Mexico Bay is a better ride from home for us. We live in PA and shoot right up 81 to get there. Is Mexico Bay a decent place to troll? I've got a 18' G3 deep V with traxtech rod holders and 2 manual riggers. We usually run 2 riggers, 4 dipseys and 2 lead core in 10 color trolling spoons and sticks. I'm thinking about maybe staying at Salmon Country Inc at their campground. Is it worth the trip to fish there or should we stick with little Sodus?
  12. I've fished with Sean on hooked up several times. Will again in the future as well. One of the best charter captains I've ever fished with. Great guy, he'll get you on the fish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I fished there this past weekend. My first time at that lake. We seemed to mark lots of fish about 20-60' over 80 fow. Only got two lakers, both on dipseys with spoons. Orange and watermelon. Picked them both up on the west shoreline trolling north near the bouy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. I was out there too. Fished from Little Sodus West on Saturday. We were getting beat up pretty bad in my 18 footer so we decided to trailer down to Owasco and troll for Lakers. I heard most of the finger lakes got flooded and had tons of debris. We picked up two lakers, that was it. Fished again all day Sunday. Headed East this time, started at the chute, trolled past the bluffs to the point and back again. Did that twice. Lost the biggest brown I've ever seen. Came right to the surface and with one tail flap, my leader was gone (12lb). Landed one Coho, and lost another brown due to a snap swivel failure ..... This was my first attempt at trolling for Browns up there. I'm from PA. We had high hopes for this trip, and saved up $ for awhile to make it, but it ended up being a bust. I got checked by the Angler survey boat on my way in on Sunday. Seemed everyone had about as much luck as I did. I think we did everything right, I'm hoping I can blame the cold front that came through......
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