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  1. woops, my bad, wrong forum. Campers available and it's located in PA. I can deliver if you need me to within reason. I'll also store it inside for the rest of the winter if you'd like. No sense in having it sit out in the weather if it doesn't have to. I can get some pictures if you're interested. It's in the barn and all my mowers and equipment have it parked in at the moment.
  2. i just purchased a camp on Big O. so i'm selling my 5th wheel camper. its a 2013 Salem 24 rls. Bought it new as a left over. used often but very well taken care of. garage kept. nothing wrong whatsoever. I have it listed elsewhere for $20,500 but I'd sell it to a fellow sportsman on here for 18,000 (balance of my loan). Its 29' overall and 12' tall. weighs about 6500 lbs loaded and it's half ton towable. clean title in hand. holler if youre interested and I'll get you some photos moved to classifieds (L&M)
  3. is the wall to tie up to right between the two ramps in sacket's? is it free parking? do any of those restaurants have docks to pull up to? I was up there last weekend to look around and really liked it. We ate at good fellows, good food! I see two marinas on google satellite maps. do either of those have fuel/bait/boat stuff? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. cool thanks everyone!! I like to fish for pike and bass but I won't be upset catching walleye. My buddies like to troll for browns lakers and salmon. It's ok, but I'd rather be casting all day nailing smallies. Heard that's a big time duck and goose hunting area. I never hunted birds but it sounds fun. Hopefully everything works out and I get a place up there. Can't wait for spring. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. Looking for some clarity. I think I finally found a camp to buy up near Sacketts. It's on Black River Bay. First off, how far of a ride is it from Dexter by boat to get on some Salmon and browns in Big O? How far of a ride out to Galloo Island? Whats the best bait shop near Sacketts? What and where is this golden crescent I read about? What are "crabs" in terms of bait? Where's some good general areas for certain times of the year to fish for LMB, SMB walleye and pike? If we want to troll for salmon and browns, would it be better to just trailer the boat down somewhere or just take the boat right from camp? Same question if I want to fish Chaumont. The camp is up toward the top of the Black River Bay. Any free places to tie up or dock in Sacketts if the wife wants to go for dinner? Is Sacketts a fun place to hang out in the summer? Good bars/restaurants, things to do? I have an 18' alum deep v with a 150 4 stroke. runs at 45 wide open, cruises at 35. Is this boat big enough for the ride out to Galloo Island or does that area get rough? Where are the best ramps to use for that area? What about duck & goose hunting? Anything and everything you could tell me about the area would be great. I'd be mainly fishing for bass and walleye except for the occasional salmon trips. I can switch my boat around pretty quick with to troll with riggers and dipseys, but I enjoy bassin the most. One last thing, this camp has a water holding tank. Anybody know a company that delivers water or a place i could fill a 300 gal tote up for cheap? I'd consider rigging up a lake feed for showers and just brining my drinking water up. Thanks a bunch!!! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Im going to be looking at some land on the Guffin bay. Its up the creek a little ways before it splits off into two creeks. Does anybody know how far up the creek you can run a boat? I have a 18' aluminum deep v. It'll run in about 2' of water if it has to, but 3 is better. I'd like to be able to dock the boat right at my camp if possible. Thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. Does anyone have a camp up near Chaumont? If so shoot me a PM. I have a few questions. Thanks!!
  8. LOL, That Baha wasn't me!! I'm tickled to have my little rig! Technically, my boat's name is Moose Knuckle VI, as this is my 6th boat....I get bored easy
  9. I was pretty sold on going up and staying at lake Oneida for the summer with the boat and camper. It's closer to where I live, but it's not really where I'd like to be at. I'm looking at Chaumont Bay area now. I love the 1000 islands and Black Lake. My buddies and I also like to fish Big O for browns and salmon. Chaumont would be ideal because it's fairly central to my fav fishing spots. I've never fished the actual bays though (Chaumont,/Black River/Henderson). I mainly like to target LMB, SMB and Pike when I'm up there. How's the fishing in these bays? Is the water comparable to say Eel Bay in the 1000 Islands? Shallow, clean and weedy bottoms? Also, is that area too far north to target salmon on Big O? I'm wondering if it's feasible to run out of the bay say from Sackett's and get on some salmon or would we better off trailering down to mexico bay? I have a 18' Aluminum deep V with a 4 stroke 150. its adequate but it feels really small when Ontario is nasty. Those days we've learned to just stay home rather than get beat up real bad. So if it's a super long run to get on some salmon it might be best to just trailer.....What's your thoughts?
  10. Thinking of putting my camper up near Sylvan Beach for next season. I never fished Oneida and I've never been to that area. Wife and I are going up next weekend to check out the area ans some campgrounds. Can anyone give me any info on the general area? Restaurants, bars/pubs, other "attractions"? Looks like there's a few places to stop and eat at the canal. Can you tie up a boat there on that wall? Is it free? On a side note, I'll be spending my days fishing the lake while the wife does her thing shopping or whatever. But I'm thinking that lake might get pretty snotty with an East/West wind. How much wind does it take to make it unfishable? I've got a 18' alum deep V with a 150 stroke. It's set up to troll with riggers, dipseys and planers, and I do a lot of casting for bass & panfish on it as well. I've had it on Ontario in 1-2' and that wasn't too much fun, we got beat up pretty bad. If the lake blows up, is there anywhere that I could still fish that's protected? I thought if it's real nasty I could trailer over to Onondaga, Otisco or some other lake that's somewhat nearby. Is that canal/river at Sylvan Beach worth fishing? What about Cross Lake and the canal up that way? Not looking for any honeyholes, just decent overall areas to try out. If anyone is up that way, I'm usually fishing solo and I'm always happy for a a guy or two to split costs as hop ons. Thanks in advance Matt
  11. cool thanks for the replies. Still up in the air. We really need some fish for the winter. I'd just hate to get skunked on big O. We'd love to get after some walleyes. Is the limit 5 on walleye in NY? I don't have my book handy.
  12. My buddies and I are planning a trip to NY for Sept 20th weekend. Originally we planned to troll big O for salmons. According to the reports on here, it's been a tough summer. We'd hate to spend the $ on another busted trip (did that lots of times already). Plan B is to hit the finger lakes, but we been there, done that.......I suggested Oneida for smallies and walleyes. I don't know a thing about that lake. Never fished it, nor did we ever catch any walleye. They're tough to come by here in PA. I did just get a fishing hotspots maps for Oneida. I like those maps, so far so good. They seem to have some decent info. So long story short, is Oneida worth the trip in mid Sept? I wouldn't mind hitting Black lake or the 1000 islands again this year, but that's 7 hours from home and is kinda far for a weekend. Oneida is only about 3.5 hours. We'd be fishing from a 17' aluminum deep V. I have riggers on it along with a 70lb trolling motor. 150hp Yamaha 4 stroke. It's awesome on gas so running around won't be a big deal as long as it's fairly calm. I'd think Oneida could get snotty due to it's size. If it's worth while, any decent places to stay at outside of Syracuse? We come right up I-81 and I'm thinking the east side would suit us well. We don't need anything fancy, a cheap motel or cabin or something is all wed need. Thanks in advance
  13. I read this site often, but I'm new to big O. Only started fishing it last year out of little Sodus. Would it be a good idea to make a list of all the locations I always see posted on here? I know the big ones, but places like Oak, the Bar, etc have me at a loss. I'd just like to be able to geographically picture where these reports come from so I can learn the lake's patterns a bit better to better understand the big picture. Not trying to burn anyones spots though.
  14. thanks for the help everyone. Had an OK week. Ended up with about 35 total fish. Had a decent boat but I sure missed my own ride. Here's a few pics:
  15. Any more tips to this lake? Been fishing since Sunday and my numbers are pathetically low. Fished all over the lake with little luck. Today I only got one crappie and one LM. Fished big bay, three me bay, grindstone bay, devils graveyard, Mutt and Jeff islands, tavern island, upper deep bay, hog back island, around conger island and everywhere in between. Using mainly Texas and wacky rigged senkos and power worms, tossed a few mepps #5s and tandem spinners. Only had luck on Texas rigged worms. Got checked by the fish cop today, he said nobody's doing stellar. But a kid at the sick tonight had a bag of fish and claimed he caught over 50 crappie and 18 LM just this afternoon. Said he got them all on worms off the channel byte big flag pole. The only flag pole I know of is on that little island at the entrance to upper deep bay. Any help please????? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. great thanks. I'm headed up there tomorrow. I'll stop at TI bait shop for some more worms and lures. How's the Pike fishing in Black Lake? I noticed that most of that lake is only 10' deep or so. Is it weedy right now? it wasn't too weedy when I was up there in early June, but I'd think it prob is this time of year. Any tips or locations on Pike? Wife doesn't fish really, but she's never seen a Pike. Just all my stories about catching them!! It'd be cool to get her to catch one or two. I think the boat I rented is a little 12 or 14' I'm going to take a trolling motor along hoping it won't be a problem to clamp it on the rented boat.....who knows. I won't have a gps or FF but I'll grab a map from TI Bait shop. I got the boat the whole week and the wife will get bored fishing after a day or two. So if anyone wants to come along for a free day, hit me up. Names Matt, cell is 484.332.1124 Just holler if you want to come along. I'll be up there Sat-Sat
  17. Did a cruise in Alaska for my honeymoon a few years back. AWESOME!!! Not cheap, but worth every penny. My cousin used to live there so him, me and my wife did an "8 hour charter for halibut". Guy's boat could fish 6 people, but the other group bailed out. He never charged us any more to cover the costs, AND he gave us his combined species trip. We trolled for silvers for awhile, then spent many hours slamming halibut, my wife caught a huge ling cod but they weren't in season yet. We caught some "yelloweye" (some type of snapper I think) and then a bunch of "rockfish" (giant seabass to us easteners). Saw a ton of eagles, seals and other wild stuff. A giant blue whale breached not more than 25 feet from the boat while we were at anchor fishing for halibut. Captain started to get a little worried, this thing was literally big enough to flip our boat over. It was funny because once on the cruise ship, people were paying tons of $ to go see whales, and we did that, plus all the fishing for $200/person!! Our trip ended up being 14 hours rather than 8. Then him and his mate cleaned all our fish, and that took a looooong time. All said and done till we got the fish cleaned and vacuum sealed it all, it was just over 24 hours! Awesome trip and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'll be damned if I can remember the captains name. I remember he was from wisconsin though. We fished out of Seward. If you want to catch the giant halibut, go to Homer.
  18. any more help? leaving tomorrow!!!!
  19. I was up there in early June. Did pretty well. We were there a week before bass season opened. We targeted pike but still caught lots of bass, mainly on Mepps spinners. We fished Eel Bay pretty hard, lake of the Isles was awesome as well. We tried Chipewea Bay with not much action. Weeds were tough to find but we caught a bunch of nice smallies. We rode through the "narrows" on the border on Wellesley Island. Beautiful boat ride going through there, just be careful, gets skinny in a few places. I started a thread on here before I went up there. Lots of good info on that thread if you can find it.
  20. I did one myself about 5 years ago to store my camper. Took me forever and about killed me. I didn't even save much $ doing it myself. I just called this morning actually for a price to get another one put up. I'd highly recommend pioneer pole buildings. That's all they do. They're shop is about 30 mins from me in pa. Great prices an they do real nice work. They have stock building prices on their website. There's a Link at the bottom of their homepage that says current specials. Def give them a call. Girl I talked to today said once you get your permits they're about 4-5 weeks out but they'll be done in 2 days. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. I wasn't sure where to post this so I stuck it here. Sorry if it's the wrong place. Back story: I was up at Black lake in early June. Spent a day fishing there while we were at the 1000 Islands. Loved fishing both areas. My wife and I had planned a camping trip down south but decided we'd have a more relaxing time up at Black Lake. Unfortunately, I can't tow the camper and my boat so I'll be renting a little 14' deep v from the campground we're staying at. Not sure how it's outfitted but I assume it won't have much, if anything. I expect a bare boat with a motor. I'm taking a little stern mount trolling motor up with me as well so I'll have that at least. Should be OK. Last time up we launched at the black lake ramp on rt 6 and headed west to lower deep bay. Did well on LMB and I got a bowfin and one large catty. Most fish were caught on a PowerWorm motoroil color rigged texas style. Didn't catch any panfish. Started to drizzle rain and the radar said heavy rain and winds were on the way so we packed up and headed back to camp. All in all a great trip. I'll be up there toward the end of July. Anybody have any pointers for a newbie? I'd love to get my wife on a few Pike and she'd have fun with the panfish. I'd like to get after some of those hog LMB as well. We'll be staying at Back Bay Campground on the far Southern end. I think the boat has a 4 stroke so running around won't be a huge issue to me. Thanks in advance
  22. Nice report Sean. I'll be calling you in the near future to bring a group of guys from my camp up to fish. Don't think my boat is gonna be big enough to hold 6 guys!!!
  23. That's what one of the locals told us at the bait shop. He told us to literally tie up to the the bouys, but we didn't. We did notice a few gallon jugs with a rope on it. I assume somebody put a mooring anchor out there to tie to? Wasn't sure what it was so we didn't mess with it. Lots of boat traffic that day, we were getting rocked around pretty bad so we didn't hang out too terribly long. Maybe a half hour. We had planned to try it in the evening but never got around to it. I have yet to catch a walleye. Glad I found this site. Guys on here seem real helpful unlike some boards where everyone is super tight lipped. Gotta love reports that go like this "we were slamming fish today, but I can't tell you what kind, or where we fished, or what bait worked, or anything else. But we nailed em!!!" lol Thanks again to all you guys that helped make my first trip up there successful.
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