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  1. it's shallow. waters come up a bit in the past week. I have a cabin there and it's tricky getting the boat in to my dock. you'll be ok with the trolling motor I'd think. I've been all around the grass islands and it's 2-3 tops. there's 2 or 3 channels in there but by channels I'm talking 5 feet. The main channel drops to 9 feet in a few places that's where I've caught the most fish. It's tricky getting in there. There's a large sandbar that runs parallel to the black river. there's a small point right near the first bouy heading up river. you can sneak in there but you need to be within 30' of that point to not get stuck on the bar. Made that mistake my fist time out. Otherwise you outta be ok. Don't bother getting too far towards the military rd launch, it's super shallow and there's some pipes sticking up just below the surface, you can't see them now but they're there. See lots of pike and bass jumping in the evenings when I'm sitting on my porch. There's no signs but it's understood that area is all no wake, lots of boats and docks in there so just go easy once you get past that point. If you head in PM me for more info. Neighbor kids caught a bunch of bullhead off my dock saturday night, so that's an option as well.

  2. There's no catch and release for bass in Jefferson Co until the season opens no? I fished henderson and BRB for several hours yesterday and didnt even have a bite. Trolled BRB for wallies saturday and got skunked there too....I'm ready to give up, been a very dismal spring for me so far

  3. I did really well in eel bay last June with pike and Small mouth. Caught a ton of rock bass all the way I the back of the back. Lake of the isles produced a bunch of quality LMB. Pretty much everything was caught on inline spinners like large rooster tails and mepps #5. They say walleye can be found in the SLR. There's a bout there that's popular think it might be #68 but can't be sure. It was right out front from eel bay and up river a bit just down from the 81 bridge. Caught the biggest smallie of my life there but it was really rough so did t stay long. Did t fish for perch. Hope that helps. Ha e fun that's a great area

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  4. I'll be up this weekend I hope too. I saw NOAA's NE wind forecast. How does that usually affect the fishing up there? Should I try anything different or just troll as usual? With the wind or against it? What speed seems to work the best? Just picked up some bay rats as well. Hoping to put a few in the boat!

  5. not to hijack the post, but I've got a similiar issue. I'm tight on $ so I want to use the same rods for everything from spring browns, walleye and salmon. 


    I've got 5 cabelas depthmasters 45's and 2 depthmaster 20's. They were affordable when we bought them but they kinda suck. The drags on the 20's were shot right out of the box more or less. When it's time to replace rods I'll get something better but for now they have to work. 


    All 7 rods currently have 30# power pro braid on them. We haven't had any issues with breakoffs, knots or fleas even really. fleas peel right off at the first rod guide pretty much. Then we just pinch the clump off. No biggie really. So my question is, is that 30# suitable for walleye, salmon and browns? I have 12lb flouro leader on them now for walleye, but have a few spools of 10lb, 20lb and 30lb I think. Would I be ok just swapping the leaders out for different fish? 12lb for eyes and browns, 20 for coho and 30 for kings?


    I'm also thinking of trying to use some of our bass spinning rods off big boards for the walleye and dedicate those trolling rods just for browns and salmon. You guys think I'd have any issues running a spinning reel off of big boards?

  6. No usually it is about 2' higher in the spring than it is now.  Not sure what is going on.  Obama must have sold water to the middle east or something.


    ^you win the internet for today!!

  7. What's the deal with the water level on Big O? My neighbor at camp told me the current level is where it's usually at in late August. I had a heck of time getting in and out from camp. I'm new to the area so I don't know much about it other than the joint commission or whatever controls the level to maintain the St Lawrence (so I've been told anyhow). Is it usually this low in the Spring? Will they bring the level back up throughout the summer and then draw it back down in Aug/Sept? If it gets any lower I won't be able to get to my dock.

  8. Great thanks. I looked over them a few more times, looks like I can target bass in butterfield lake, catch & release before the June opener. You think that's correct? I might fish Butterfield this weekend and I'd like to use senkos on a worm hook and cranks.


    Also, I've heard rumors about having any bass tackle on the boat during the closed season for Lake Ontario and it's tribs. Is this true? In other words, if I'm using a crank bait for pike could I get cited for fishing for bass out of season? I mainly use cranks and spinners on flouro leader for pike but if I get checked, the DEC guy could say I'm bass fishing. Do they hassle you about this? I don't intend to throw a worm hook and a senko out for a pike, I could see that being an obvious issue. But a crank bait can catch a lot of different fish.

  9. I've been trying to sort out all of the special regs for the areas I fish. I plan to fish Black lake, Butterfield lake and the area around my camp near Sackets. I realize for all of these areas, black bass doesn't open until the 3rd weekend in June. 


    When I looked at the special regs for Black lake, it states "fishing for black bass out of season, including catch and release is prohibited" But it didn't mention if catch and release for bass is prohibited for Butterfield lake and black river bay/chaumont bay. So can I assume I can fish for bass (catch & release) everywhere except for Black lake or is it off limits completely until the 3rd Saturday in June? I'm trying to stay legal but they sure make things confusing. Either that or I'm just stupid lol.


  10. I found the info of the guy I fished with, his name was DJ. Post pics when you return! You're going to love it up there.


    Address: PO Box 3085, Seward, AK 99664
    Tel: 1 907 362 3810


    FWIW, we did the cruise from Seward to Vancouver. It was OK, but I got a little bored spending so much time on the boat. We saw a lot of really cool scenery and the little towns you stop in were fun. We stopped in Icy Straight point, Ketchikan, Juneau and a few other places. I'm not in a hurry to do a cruise again. The BEST way to see Alaska is to fly up to Anchorage and rent a motorhome. That'd be the cats ass. There were tons of campers parked in little campsites all up and down the road on the way in to Seward. Seward had a parking lot with hook-ups right on the water in town. With the RV, you could literally do whatever you want whenever you want. 


    Alot of people we spoke to on the cruise did the train ride for a week, then got on the cruise ship. That sounded like fun too. That way you can see Mt McKinley, and all the other stuff inland but the inner passage was gorgeous. Unlike anything else you'd ever see. I'm not saying the cruise wasn't fun, just wasn't my thing really. 

  11. I quit fishing the chesapeake and delaware last year. got to the point where running down there for 2-2.5 hours to "maybe" catch a fish or two wasnt worth it. that area turned in to a real disappointment. the commercial guys destroyed the fishery down there. lots of problems with poachers too. when they get caught they get a slap and a small fine and go right back the next day. really is a shame. only thing left down at the flats is catties. didn't boat a single large mouth or striper last year. but thats a nice fish you landed

  12. I have a practically brand new canvas boat cover that I got for my 18 foot Polarkraft. I used it a couple times then I traded the boat for a 20 foot StarCraft. It is heavy duty and has the cover for motor too. I paid $300 for it. I will sell it for a $100. Just taking up space in my garage. James

     I might be interested in that boat cover you have laying around. You think it'd fit my boat with the trolling motor? Where you located? I'll be up at camp the last weekend in April maybe we can work something out if it'll fit my boat. 

  13. I ordered a 3000# cantilever Hewitt this past weekend. Paid $3300 for it from the Ace Hardware outside of Sackets. Guy talked me out of the canopy, said it'd be more trouble than it's worth and it'd be likely to get tossed by the wind. I splurged and got a set of wheels for one end too. I have a marvelous grand scheme of an idea in my small brain to get it in and out by myself. It'll either work miraculously or I'll get hurt....Will post an update in May if I survive

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