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  1. Kids wife and I had a fun day yesterday out of sodus Went out of sodus yesterday. Started out slow but finally got into some. Kids had fun. After west wind turned on in afternoon so did the fish. Kept 5 lost 2..
  2. Is sodus point fishable for browns tomorrow Hi guys. I really wanted to come up tomorrow for browns out of sodus. I heard that the mud line was way out there and unfishable. What's the scoop. Thanks. Steve
  3. Had a great morning yesterday. First time out for the year with my 13 year old son with me. Ended up 9 for 12 and kept 6. No monsters but did have one about 7. Never got out of sodus til 730 and we were back in by 12. Was definitely worth the drive from watkins glen
  4. Hi Mike. I'm not home and tried to reset my password from my phone and now says I deactivated PayPal. I'm definitely buying the product. I'll have to get ahold of PayPal when I get home late. Probably won't get fixed til am. Thanks steve. My wife is the computer pro in house. Lol
  5. My name is steve coolican. I am at a sporting event with my son right now. Do you have a contact number I can reach you later. I am very interested in pur chasing several lots of spoons. My cell is 607 857 8517. Do you take credit card?
  6. Hello again. If I were to buy seveal lots of spoons can we work something out on shipping? Thanks. Steve
  7. Is sodus point fishable gor browns Hi guys. I really wanted to come up tomorrow with my son to topline out of sodus. Is it worth the 2 hour drive with all of the rain? Calling for west wind tomorrow. Anybody out today with condition report would be great. Thanks. Steve
  8. had same problem on Seneca today. water was 37 also. were you doing 1.8 gps or topline speed?
  9. hi there..I am very interested in your system..Could you please call me at 607-857-8517 so I can ask a few questions about the unit? Thank you steve
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