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  1. Honestly, I don't think its the BOAT slowing down the sale.She looks like a real beauty. I would have to say it has more to do with the condition of the lake.Fishing has been poor(to say the least) the last 3 years on lake O.A few years ago, she would have sold within a week.(probably to me!!!!) Good luck though.

  2. I was there Monday and Tuesday. There are very few fish in the estuary for this time of year.Things have really changed over the past 20 years.3rd week in September was prime time In front of the house.Not anymore.......first or second week in October(the past 2 years anyway) the kings come in and don't hold long down low.When they DO run,they seem to be on a mission and not interested in anything thrown their way.just my observation.

  3. Probably a very dumb question, but with this being our first year of really hitting it hard on lake O, I was wondering when the fishing dies in the lake.  I realize that a good deal of the salmon that will run will do so by late Sept, but not sure what that means in the lake for fishing.  When do things start to wrap up?  Years ago we chartered out of the oak and in sept we found a smaller class of kings deeper while the matures were heading in.  Will this last throughout Sept as well?


    targeting "smaller class of kings" and people are wondering why the matures aren't around.Captains need to smarten up and look at the big picture.!!Not bustin on youPa,but part of the problem is right in front of their faces.

  4. Try to keep the rigger cables at a 35-45 degree angle to the water.You will then be in the ballpark of2.3-2.8 m.p.h at the ball.We all did pretty well before all the sophisticated dodads.Get on your radio (ch. 68 mexico bay) and ask where the break is.You will get up to the minute info from fellow trollers.

  5. I have fished the lake and rivers for 25 years and all I can say (imo) this year seems to be an average or little below average. Excluding last year, cuz that was much below in both lake and river. 3-4 years ago were excellent years both on the lake and the runs in the salmon river..Again,this is just my observation but it seems the rate of return is related to the consistency and quantity of the catch in the summer months.

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