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  1. I'm heading out tomorrow and Friday all day, hopefully we can hook into a tyee!
  2. I was out again this morning, didn't mark much but we managed 4 shakers between 130 and 80
  3. Was out today had a decent morning with two teenagers, one 17 and one 14. Anyone else have luck?
  4. Hey guys, I'm heading out fishing this weekend from bronte and was wondering how the fishing is and what depths the fish are at and what they are hitting, thanks and tight lines
  5. TYMZUP can you post the pictures and did you enter it in the derby?
  6. I am heading out of bronte sometime this week, just wondering how the fishing has been and if there is anything working well. Thanks
  7. Been out a few times with my son and only caught a few skippy kings
  8. Went out this weekend with my son and didn't have much luck, a few shaker kings and a small laker, anyone else having any luck?
  9. I am heading out this weekend for the first time this year and my son really wants to land a 20lb king, any advise on where the bigger fish are?
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