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  1. jmd

    BRB day trip

    Still cant seem to pin em down......Fished again all last week thru today- morning and evening b/w guffins, BRB and Chamont, Long Point and 3 mile, and still only doin one or two a day- best day was Saturday at BRB in 30-35 FOW on deep sticks runnin15-25 deep- got 3 eyes (9 lb, 3 lb, 6 lb). Have a few weeks off this year to fish, fishing alot harder than past years and catching a lot less eyes and a lot more northerns and sheepshead......All places seem to be producing some nice northerns in greater numbers than I am used to here in the depths I am trollin, where I usually don't catch northerns- catchin 5 or 10/day good sizes.... In BRB, the graph is showing a lot of bait and a lot of big fish on all sides of the bay from 15-35 FOW, but after landing a few big sheepshead and the northerns over the past few days.....hard to tell....Hope it picks up soon with the warm air...will be at em again in the morning and waiting for a change.
  2. Seems to be picking up a bit, did 2 yesterday in Chaumont Bay and 2 this morning in BRB- purple sticks were hot, now today it was perch colored; bite seems to be OK from 5:30-am until 7:30 then it shuts down- bass went from about 10-15 per morning/afternoon to 2 all day today in same areas.......not great #s on eyes, but a noticeable change over past two days. Al caught recetley were in 18-25FOW.
  3. Fished Chamont/3 mile in the morning and had 3 eyes- landed one 7 lb, lost a big one at the boat due to old leader that should have been changed out 25 smallmouths ago and lost another due to a rookie mistake with a prop, crossed lines and wind.......so better today than past week. All were caught on purple sticks in 12-20 FOW. Lots of smallies hitting the sticks in 10-16 FOW, but no northerns or pickerel today for a change. West wind caused me to move to Guffins this afternoon where we lost another eye 10' from the net- new fisherman got excited and horsed it a bit......so, after 10 days on the water today is the first day we seemed to get a slight increase in activity, if only we could do our part.......slowed trolling spped down a bit today to 1.2-1.5 mph; ran harnesses as well but nothing hit except for smallies
  4. started in BRB at 6 AM, got a small eye in the buoys near the river mouth on a perch original rapala in 10 FOW, trolled it until 1100, a few bass but no more eyes. A few guys pulled some in around me- mostly smaller fish which I'm not used to down there. Hit Chaumont in the afternoon from 4- 8 PM, no eyes but couldn't keep the bass off the line- harnesses, spoons and sticks they were hitting everything- some hit as soon as the lure was 30' behind the boat while letting line out- wish the eyes were that active today.. water temp in BRB warmed to 56 at 1100, temp in Chaumont was 53 for highest read at 6 PMF. Fshed Chaumont in 10-35 FOW. Going back to BRB in the morning and will post results tomorrow- good luck out there.
  5. Fished the bays all day Saturday and got 1 eye- 9 lbs in 30 FOW on a stick that runs 15' deep. Fished this morning- started in BRB- 55 degrees surface temp, calm and cold air . Went over to Chaumont, 51 degree surface temp, winds picked up from nothing to a good chop- still nothing. Marked a lot of fish but nothing wanted to bite- tried everything from 10' on the shoals to 30', sticks, spoons, harnesses different depths........hoping it picks up here with warmer weather.
  6. jmd

    chaumont bay 5-8/ 5-9

    Fished BRB last Thurs morning and got the skunk in 10-30 FOW (tried everything)- 5 boats and didnt see any fish caught. Friday fished Chaumont/3-mile and got 3 eyes- 10-20 FOW. A buddy who runs a charter took a group out Sat to Chamont/3-mile- got the skunk on eyes so went for pickerel/pike. Sunday he fished BRB and went 5/8 on eyes; we fished Chaumont all day Sunday and got 1 eye in 25 FOW......hard to tell where they want to be and when....definately different than last year.
  7. I got skunked as well Saturday at Chaumont/three mile and guffin bays and didn't see/hear of anyone doing any good at chaumont,black river, guffin, three mile.......I think they are just a bit behind this year as the water temps are about 3 degrees colder than last from what I remember. At least that's my excuse. We did well at Chaumont, black river, three mile, guffin last year starting a week or so after the opener. fishing spoons, harnesses, sticks in 12-25 FOW, 1.5-2.0 mph trolling speed.....so I bet you are doing the right things but the fish just arent cooperating- at least that's my excuse for myself. Went for browns yesterday near mexico bay and did ok...the browns are behind schedule as well from what I can tell but they are hitting pretty good now- one fisherman next to me fishing for browns landed a good walleye and we were both shocked. Friends who fish Lisbon every year said it was very slow compared to most years...it's just fishing and gotta have patience I guess.
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