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  1. Sorry. We have a charter booked with a captain for the afternoon and I am wondering what people on the lake are expecting for the weather. Thanks in advance for input.
  2. Noaa marine forecast says under 2 foot waves wind 5-15 knots. My weather app shows a mess. Would love to get out, but trying to make plans. Anyone have the word on the ground?
  3. Been using Blacks this season on Cayuga. Tightened them up since I like to crank the rods down but every trip we wonder at least once or twice if we just spent 15 mins dragging a fish. Less than a quarter turn and they are too loose and pop off with speed changes or weeds, a slight turn back and we are dragging fish for a free ride up the lake.
  4. That's us in the first pic. Floating weed beds were a little thick as you got further North. Fleas were not an issue as compared to past weeks. Had a good morning. Found a good screen, circled it, and took multiple hits each pass. Didn't do those kind of numbers but steady action. Dropped some fish on the divers and had some light hits on the riggers that got a free ride for a bit. A few short salmon and maybe fifteen lakers all released well. Hot setup was a wire diver out 210 with a spin dr 42nd Spinny and fly. Had a cheater at 50 on a rigger with a half dozen different spoons, couldn't entice a rainbow to hit, but we were seeing steady marks at 50 on the screen.
  5. I was wondering about that. This is our first full year on Cayuga. Have the LL always been around in this size and number?
  6. Not familiar with the distance from the swim platform to the bottom on the rage but... I am in the process of putting a Honda 9.9 on a pursuit 2470 which has a Euro transom that requires a swim platform bracket. On this boat it is roughly 25 inches from the platform to the bottom of the boat. I priced the 20" and the 25", and they were maybe a $300-350 difference. I was advised to swallow it and go with the 25". On a side note, I looked at adventure marine and tentatively decided to go with a panther swim platform bracket as it comes with a safety cable. Curious if you have opinions or research input on the two brackets?
  7. Boat I purchased earlier this year had this unit installed with a garmin 200/50 kHz transducer. Could not be happier with it. It is the first GPS I've had, might be off 10 feet, but it came with decent maps, nice track memory, and I don't knoow how I fished before I could mark waypoints and hotspots. 50Hz setting in 100+ fow is perfect. I see the rigger balls, lines going in, fish, bait. It is a realy good picture. Wasn't sold on the touchscreen, until I used it, but it makes menus easy to use and navigate. No pressing back back back enter to get to a particular menu. Good unit.
  8. Pretty sure they are size #1, maybe 4 1/4"? All black on one side, purple on the other.
  9. Fished Sun and Mon morning, both trips out of Union Springs around 7am and back at 10:30ish. Set up on the west side in front of the college. Brought my daughter Sunday. Now I'm thinking she might be my new "autopilot." Little chop from the south west early. We ran two divers out 200 and two riggers all over, 40-80. Divers went off pretty steady and landed fish on FF and a black & gold stinger, a few rigger hits with no one home, only one a small laker stuck that hit on the turn. Dropped too many fish really. Just weren't sticking... either tripping the release and letting go or out on the divers for a bit, then breaking the surface and getting loose or shaking off still out 75. Managed to net everything we got to the boat though, which was nice with just the two of us. Landed 7 decent fish and lost maybe just as many. Had a blast though. Beautiful day, got her reeling in fish, and she realized that she likes to drive the boat. Monday I went out with a buddy of mine. Picked up 8 fish and lost 2-3. All but one fish came on a flasher fly combo, ran a green flasher and a green spin doctor, one on the port rigger and one on the starboard diver. Swapped sppons all morning and just couldn't find what they liked. Later in the morning went out a bit deeper to 130-140 and set the divers back further to 275. Took three hits in the last half hour on those two rods. Had to run back to town so we were off the water by 11:00. It was hot by 8:00 and the weeds were a pain in the a## for stretches. No fleas to speak of. Got everything released clean but the one that my buddy dropped on its head 2-3 times. Tried to torpedo him once or twice to dive, he swam a little bit, but he wasn't having it, so he found the cooler. Would like to fish a high rod or two and target rainbows, browns and landlocked. Might try stacking the riggers? Those fish make their way north to LP, Aurora, etc?
  10. Fished sat morning in front of the college in aurora. 4 decent lakers all on divers out 200. Highlight was watching my brother reel in what he thought was a monster. He ended up with a huge fight against a diver that didn't trip with a mini Atlantic on. Good stuff.
  11. Set up just north of Aurora in 100 fow around 7:30. Trolled south in 100-115 fow, 2.2 gps speed divers out 200 and 2 riggers out 60 and 75. Finished 6-8, all lakers, bigger fish than the last few weeks, took hits on every rod. Spoon hits came on a dreamweaver lazer glow gold spook and stinger chicken wing UV. Divers ran green FF and spin doctor combos. Weeds were a problem for the first 45 minutes. Had to check lines every 10 minutes but once I got a little further south it cleared up. No fleas. Made the turn just north of the point around 10:00. Ran the same spread and depth, varied speeds, marked fish and bait, but couldn't move a rod on the north troll. Bite seemed to shut off. Had a hard rigger hit and a nice fight with a laker coming out of the water a few times, which surprised me. Also landed a fish with what looked like a lamprey wound that hadn't healed just yet.
  12. Left Union Springs at 7:30 set up just north of Aurora in 120 fow. Trolled south 100-150 fow 2.2 gps speed put out 2 divers and 2 riggers out 55 and 75. Fished til 10:30 landed two average LT had a few hits on the riggers but nobody was home. Both fish came on the same diver rod out 200 with a dreamweaver lazer glow gold spook. Went past the college out to 200 fow towards long point and turned. Nothing moved on the north troll on the same line 2.0-3.0 gps speeds. No fleas but there were weeds. Should have picked up more frequently and kept things clean. Saw bait and marked plenty of suspended fish down 75 over 120. Couldn't seem to get them to go.
  13. I do not think I will test that! ... it just seems to feel like we are 250 yards from shore and in 250 fow.
  14. On Saturday I finished up work installing a fuse box and the wiring for the new Scottys. Tested them out Sunday fishing from maybe 9:45-12:30. All equipment worked as intended, which had us pleasantly surprised, though the fish didn't fully co-operate. Started just North of the college in Aurora and trolled south in 150-200 feet. Ran a spin doctor and a flasher with flys on the two diver rods and a spin doctor and fly on one of the riggers. Threw a spoon on the other rigger. Ran the divers deeper at 200 and 220. Had the riggers out 60 and 75. Had a hit of the spoon but it didn't stick. Weeds were a problem. After close to an hour we picked up and moved south just past Long point. No problems there with weeds and didn't notice fleas all day. We trolled south in 150 to 300 feet, played with the diver legnth out as much as 250, and moved the riggers around anywhere from 50-80. Mixed up the spoon but stuck with the same green, blue, silver flashers waiting to see what took hits. Overall it was slow. Managed my first rainbow, which hit the blue spin doctor with a green fly on the rigger out 60 over 200 feet. That put on a nice show at the boat. Had two other strikes on the riggers but nobody was home. Nothing on the divers all day. (Other than a slight birdsnest curtesy of my brothers thumb that required taking the convector apart with 200 feet of wire out... thought for sure we'd double while I had that open.) Did also test out the radio which seemed to operate well. Had a brief conversation with someone down at Taughannock. Maybe saw one other boat all day trolling Long Point. Overall, we ran deep, 200-300 feet. But it was mid day. Next trip out we are going to have to get out earlier, or maybe in the evening, and find 90-150 fow. Of course from what I have seen of the depths off long point, I expect 100 fow is maybe 10 feet from shore?
  15. Running wire with the dipseys with the half hitch and square knot. Those have been solid. Knots that were pulling were improved cinch knots on the flouro leader to the swivel on the flasher. Those slipped at the swivel and came up pigtailed. Tied a palomar knot to the swivel after that and that seemed to solve it. At least my wallet hopes that solved it...
  16. I am hoping to be out Fri & Sat this week depending on the weather. I will definitely be running the divers deeper and I'll try you on the radio. The last stretch we switched one diver to a flasher fly and that went off enough times in a row that I will start with that next trip.
  17. I've heard good reports on those locations so we planned to start there. Thanks for the advice on the divers. I will definitely adjust on that. We are running wire on a 2 setting out 160-180 and figured it at ~65-70' depth. Out 240-260 is what? 90-95' depth? I think the time of day worked against us a bit. Need to set the alarm earlier.
  18. Been getting the boat out, getting it set up to fish, and trying to learn the lake a bit. This weekend we did a little fishing. Out of Union Springs short trip Saturday mid day for maybe 2-2.5 hours. Went to the Silos and trolled south down the east shore to Aurora. Tried 90 to 150. Most of the bait and fish we marked were 110-120. Had two divers out 160 and 180 and a 300 copper. Boat was moving 2.5-2.8 on the gps. Took three hits but didn't get anything to the boat. All spoons. It felt slow. Sunday morning we headed to Aurora by the college and headed south in a little deeper water. 200. Same setup. Landed two mid sized LT and lost one at the net. Picked up and went a little past Long Point. Felt like we were 100 yards offshore and in 300 feet of water. Marked a lot of bait in the top 50 feet. Switched up to flasher fly and started taking hits and landing fish. All average size but much more action. Did unfortunately lose two flasher setups from the diver down. Apparantly I needed to learn how to tie a knot... switched to a palomar and it seemed to stop dropping fish and reeling in pig tails. Released everything sucessfully but one who got it in the gil a bit, so he got the cooler. Fleas were there but not an issue with the copper or the wire divers. Not one hit on the copper. Need to get the downriggers wired.
  19. Thanks a ton for the input. I'll ask for Rick. Boats a 98 pursuit 2470 but new to me. Previous owner didn't fish it so It needs a little but I love the layout.
  20. Thanks. 30 amp inline fuse was what I read. I'll talk to the marina and see if it something they can do for me for a reasonable #.
  21. You got me thinking. The mulitple outlets and gimbals would add a lot of flexibility. On the wiring... did you just run the red and black to the battery with an inline fuse? Or just the red and ground the black elsewhere?
  22. Thanks. I picked up two 6 inch traxstech tracks, backing plates, and triple rod trees along with a pair of scotty downriggers. The tracks I planned to drill and permanently install. I will slide out the trees when they are not in use. I have been on the fence with the scottys. The gibmal mount would be a simple setup but I would worry that there would be a lot of weight and pressure on it. It would probably be fine, but I am a pain in the a## so if it rattled around or had play or cracked I would be pissed at myself. So instead I figured I'd sweat it out and drill through to install with a home made backing plate of some kind. I just never drilled a boat before. I also I need to figure out how to best run the wires.
  23. Got the boat delivered and launched for the first time this past weekend. Mostly cruised with the family and checked systems. Plan to do some rigging/install this week but I did get out solo and fish for maybe an hour and a half Saturday morning with just the divers in the flush mount rodholders. Wind was SSE and stiff enough to make the troll a bit difficult solo so it was a short trip. Left Hibiscus to 100 depth and trolled south on the west shore. Nothing on the screen and was getting turned by the wind. Headed to the east shore to hide and trolled south again in 90-100 ft. Marked some bait. Took one hit and broke the seal landing a decent lake trout. 2.0 mph on the gps out 120 on wire, black dipsey, on a DW 42nd spoon. Fleas found my swivel but not an issue with the wire. Not much of a report but happy to be on the water and looking forward to getting set up to fish. ...though I am not looking forward to drilling holes in the boat.
  24. slouiscar

    Sold / Closed 2005 Triton SF-18

    2005 Triton SF-18 with 115 Mercury 4-stroke and 2005 Triton trailer. This Triton Fish & Ski is a versatile boat and it is in very good condition. Primarily used for fishing but it was quite comfortable for the Mrs. and the kids. It has a very nice fishing layout. Plenty of storage, rod locker in bow, built in tackle storrage in transom, full rear passenger seat can be moved onto pedestal, casting seat and pedestal for bow, transom live well with aerator and pump out, Humminbird 778c fish finder, power trim, Kenwood am/fm stereo CD player, dual batteries with dual charger, rod holders for trolling, easytroller hinged trolling plate, Triton trailer cover. The trailer has retractable boat buckles, good tires, a new spare with carrier, surge disc brakes, and a detachable/folding tongue. This boat trailers light and smooth even when it is full of gas and gear. This was the first trailer we pulled with surge brakes and loved the ride. Also loved the 4-stroke. Barley have to turn the key to start it up, it is quiet, sips gas, doesn't get hot, and it trolls all day. We put down the plate and got speeds for walleye, lake trout, and atlantic salmon. Trailered this boat to Cayuga but it was kept primarily on Oneida Lake. This boat handled any weather we got caught out in and always got us in feeling safe. We are purchasing a bigger boat for overnight trips. Sold.
  25. I know what you mean and I truly appreciate and value your advice. That said if I don't crack one of the 20 jokes in my head I would like feel I let you off easy. I am new here and I don't want to get on the bad side of the pro members so I will keep them to myself. So, I owe you a beer if we meet up.
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