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  1. Grady White needs an AUTOPILOT- Please help me!

    Looks like I might be a few minutes late but I figure I would add this anyway... This spring I added the Garmin unit to a 24 Pursuit with a yamaha 250 and a 9.9 connected to the main outboard via the hydraulic steering with an EZ steer. I can't speak to the other units, or the long-term durability of the garmin, but I thought I would share a few thoughts. Very happy. This was my first autopilot and after a week with it I knew I would never get another boat without it. The install was virtually all done at the helm. Tied into the hydraulics and then the computer unit was mounted down below. I can hear the pump on occasion, if I am listening for it, so installing the pump in the stern might have been nice, but this made the install significantly easier and I can get to shutoffs and everything else if needed with ease, as opposed to needing to squeeze into a 15 inch hatch, on my back, with a flashlight in my mouth. So I can live with the occasional hum. Whatever pump came with the base unit works well for my application. Setup took 5 minutes. More or less, drive in a circle. The autopilot heading differed from my compass by 5-7 degrees. I toyed with it a bit and called support but after using it and seeing that that had zero impact on what I was using the unit for I pretty much stopped caring. Anyway, support was good once you got a person on the phone. They were knowledgeable and helpful. The garmin has its own unit that has a nice interface to control the autopilot. Heading hold obviously but it also has a few pattern steering options. Two big winners are "zig zag", which obviously is very nice on the troll, and "circle" to turn if I have a spread out. You can adjust the angle and duration of the zig zag, or how tight/wide you want to circle. I have used the autopilot while under way with the main engine, if I have to grab fenders, lines, or say a soda from the cooler, but 90% of the time it is used for trolling. When I got the boat it had an older garmin gpsmap 740s gps/fishfinder which is an older reasonably priced unit. I am not convinced on its sonar but it works too good overall to consider an upgrade and I like the touchscreen vs. buttons to navigate. I picked up an additional garmin nmea cable for $20 and in maybe 2 minutes I had added the autopilot to the gps menus through the settings. Now I can touch the screen on the gps and have the autopilot navigate to the spot, or set waypoints, drop markers to circle where we saw bait, whatever. The gps unit obviously maps tracks, and you can navigate a course, see distances to a waypoint, see if you are off course, etc. If we just ran a nice stretch I will drop a waypoint, tell the auto pilot to circle, hit goto waypoint and without thought we can troll the same line back. I got the ShadowDrive unit. Meh. I mean it works, I can take control of the wheel while holding course and then when I stop it will hold the new course. But the sensitivity varies, and at times I prefer to just hit the standby button. In 2 foot chop on cayuga, with the kicker moving at 2.5 mph, it has to work a little to hold course depending on whether you are trolling into or with the current, but it gets it done. More than that and I am usually not fishing anyway. Overall, I'd give it a B+. It would be an A if I didn't have to listen to music for 30 minutes to get a person on the phone.
  2. North Cayuga report

    There was some debris and a few weeds, but nothing you couldn't fish. The fleas on the other hand are a royal pain in the ###.
  3. North Cayuga report

    North Cayuga report Fleas.
  4. Cayuga north end

    Fished Friday night and Sat morning solo. Did well with LT same depth, speed, spoons as previous trips. Added a Michigan Stinger wonder bread spoon to the spread and that seemed to get a regular bite as well. No fleas, but starting to see some weeds. Smaller fish in general but still a good number of hits, a few more short strikes, or false releases. Did manage a decent salmon down 60 over 80. Fished shallow Sat morning and picked up a few LT. Had a fish shake loose shortly after getting tight down 40 over 60 that felt like it had quite a bit more fight than the LT I've had on. Would have liked to have seen what that was. I will start shallow again next week in the AM to see if I can figure out how to get more silver on. Unfortunately, it was an expensive Friday. Bumped my downrigger to pick up maybe a foot or two of slack at the boat to hook up a line and the cable snapped. Seriously. How does a cable just snap? Of course that was the DR with the Fish Hawk probe. Swallowed hard and ordered a new probe. Just to vent. It is 2017. I have a $15 gps locator that fits in my wallet and connects to an app on my phone. FishHawk can't design a fricking probe that cost less than $300? I have to assume they know it is attached to 12-pounds of lead and dangled over 150 feet of water right? Someone with some time on their hands should come up with a $50 sensor that can send a signal a few hundred feet and put them out of business. Anyway, I will have to do a pretty close inspection before I hook that back up. I may do new terminals and the like if anyone has any advice. Anyway, this happened early in the trip so I set up with a new terminal end on that DR and dropped it again. I made the one time mistake of trying to run two different weights. One 12-pound shark and one 10-pound ball. That didn't end well. They crossed briefly on a retrieve and I quickly swapped out the shark for the ball. What do people generally run on the finger lakes? I liked the 12-pound sharks since they tracked well and had less blow back but after putting the 10-pounders back on I wondered if the bigger sharks were overkill and too much stress on my cables. Obviously, I would prefer not to randomly break off $400.
  5. Cayuga north end

    I downloaded the GoPro Capture app for my phone. It connects your phone to the camera using bluetooth/wifi. With that app you can view the feed live on your phone to see what the camera sees and then you can make adjustments as needed. It also lets you use your phone to control the camera, take pictures/video, or view media on the fly.
  6. Cayuga north end

    It was maybe the second time out for our friend in the hoodie. He was no rookie on the Yuengling's though. I mounted the camera on the bimini support with a tube mount. It is not the ideal location but with the wide lens it wasn't too bad. I am going to look for a mounting option that lets me adjust the angel a bit so I don't have to tilt my head sideways when I watch videos going forward.
  7. Cayuga north end

    Got out Saturday night maybe from 6-8:30 with my brother and a friend of ours. Put the new guy on some fish. We fished the college first then trolled over to the silos. The wind died and it turned into a nice night. Did decent numbers, nothing to get out the tape measure. No weeds, debris, or fleas. Fished mostly 100-150 fow, mixed the speed up from 2.2-3.0. DR's down 100, 75, and 50. Ran a slider at times. Ran divers at 200, and 185, tried 100, and 75 for a bit with no luck. Two fish on a diver out 200 on a wonder bread spoon. Took maybe a half dozen LT on the DRs down 100 and 75, dreamweaver NBK spoon. Still couldn't seem to get into anything silver. After almost dropping my iphone in the water at least 2-3 times already this year I decided I needed a better system for taking pictures. Not sure how to work it yet... but it takes better pictures than I do, and it floats.
  8. Cayuga north end 5/29

    As always, I greatly appreciate the input and advice. I will work it into the plan and see if we can't add some silver fish. I am hoping to get out Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning this weekend. We will see what the breeze looks like.
  9. Cayuga north end 5/29

    A cheater rig is a leader with a spoon fixed on the main line some distance above your swivel and spoon, or FF, or cowbell, or whatever. Frankly, I should have said stacker not cheater. With other people on the boat I stack another rod at a fixed depth on the downrigger. If it is just me solo, I will use a cheater, or a slider, since it only uses one rod.
  10. Cayuga north end 5/29

    Lamprey's go back in 1 inch bite sized pieces. Getting the kids out for an early AM trip is a bit of a challenge. But I will give tight to shore a try on the next morning trip. Over the course of the season we will pick up a handful of small salmon and maybe a rainbow or two up high up on a cheater while targeting LT. But I would like to put a rod or two out into the spread that are dedicated to fishing for them. Maybe a leadcore or a copper?
  11. Cayuga north end 5/29

    Cayuga north end 5/29 We got out in the early afternoon for a few hours and trolled out in front of the college. Best luck was over 125 fow down 75 and 90 at 2.3 mph. One fish hit a dipsy out 200, but all of the action was on the DR's. All hits were spoons. Purple, black and green dreamweavers. A few fish had some size. Switched up this year to some lighter rods and that has made for quite a bit more fun on the reel. Everything that stuck got into the boat, even with my kids on the rod or the net, which is asking a lot. Finding that keeping the fish in the water in the net, aside of a quick picture or two, has made for a noticeably stronger release. No weeds or fleas, a few sticks still floating around. A few boats trolling this stretch but pretty limited traffic, though it was later in the day. One fish brought a pretty good sized lamprey along for the ride and every fish seemed like they had fresh wounds, unfortunately. Didn't seem to mark a lot of bait. Marked fish on bottom but all of our hits were suspended fish. Ran a cheater at times from 20 to 35 but we couldn't seem to locate any salmon, browns, or bows with any of the high rods. I would like to figure that out if anyone has any advice.
  12. Afternoon Oswego charter on Tues

    Got out. Wind was out of the south so it was workable. Fish were there but couldn't get them to chew. Landed a nice fat brown and lost two that didn't stick on divers. Cells that came through missed us to the north until 5:30. Weren't missing that one so we ran in. Captain worked OT today. Always a treat to experience a pro running the show.
  13. Afternoon Oswego charter on Tues

    Sorry. We have a charter booked with a captain for the afternoon and I am wondering what people on the lake are expecting for the weather. Thanks in advance for input.
  14. Noaa marine forecast says under 2 foot waves wind 5-15 knots. My weather app shows a mess. Would love to get out, but trying to make plans. Anyone have the word on the ground?
  15. downrigger releases

    Been using Blacks this season on Cayuga. Tightened them up since I like to crank the rods down but every trip we wonder at least once or twice if we just spent 15 mins dragging a fish. Less than a quarter turn and they are too loose and pop off with speed changes or weeds, a slight turn back and we are dragging fish for a free ride up the lake.