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  1. Captain Nick, I have 2 “Great Lakes Planer Vertical Stack Triple Holders (GLP-014)” that have very little use. I would be interested in swapping for your 6 “Cannon Rod Holders 360*”. I believe our shipping would be a wash. Call me. 540 347-2689. Bill Cass
  2. Thanks for all your posts. I have enjoyed your many videos. Looking forward to June 2016 posts. Big Bill
  3. Just wanted to share an article link to the headline above about Seneca Lake. Thought that it might be of interest. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen-cantarow/dirty-energy-vs-clean-power-seneca-lake_b_7762092.
  4. Paul, When Adk1 said your hookup rate must be low, your picture shows no hooks
  5. Thanks to those who took the time to help me find information about the salmon school in January. Hope to make it . Also I appreciated the encouragement to be an observer for tournaments. Is there a web site for the details to be an observer? Big Bill
  6. Just Checking to see if they are still taking sign ups. Looking for information to attend. I live in Northern Virginia and I know it's a hike/trek but I need to increase my knowledge as fast as possible so I'm not just "boating" on Ontario.
  7. Where is the boat located? How many hours do you guess is on the motor since this was your "go to" boat? The way you describe the 2 cylinder drop down feature, would there be a need for a kicker or does this do it all? Also how does it do on Ontario. The one picture with the smoke stack, is that Cayuga?
  8. Great instructions. Just getting into fly rigs and this is what I needed.
  9. Thanks, I have been looking for a site that can help me to fish better. Appreciate the welcome
  10. I am interested in these planer masts but I would need to have them shipped. I need to know the cost to ship to Northern Virginia the cheapest way possible. If I need to call to discuss, let me know. Thanks
  11. Hello from Virginia. I have been fishing the thousand islands since the 80's. Been on Lake Ontario with the Fish Doctor out of Oswego as recently as July, and my Dad had a house on Cayuga Lake and fished there. My uncle John, the old man of the lake, showed me how to pull wire from a Jute box. I love it up there on the Great Lakes and hope to be up there in Sept. Sorry to ramble but I appreciate the welcome. So again, permission to come aboard Thanks
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