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  1. We chartered with Joe over a many times over the past 20 years and became great friends. I learned a great deal from him, enough to buy a small boat and set out on Lake O myself. Joe was a ball buster, came across as rough and tumble, but once you got to know him you realized what a great guy he was. We had great conversations on our trips about everything under the sun, man he had stories, what a great storyteller. We almost always limited out, but the best trip we ever had we got skunked. By noon, after throwing every lure he had in his boat in the water to no avail, he came to the back of the boat, told his first mate he was the captain for the rest of the trip, and cracked the bottle of Pyrat rum I gave him as a gift that morning. What a great time we had that afternoon! Of course, he gave us a free charter later that year because we got skunked…Going to miss him, glad we fished with him last year.
  2. Yes, here's a pic. This what your looking for? $50, it's new in the box with fasteners. I have the square interface plate if you want that too.
  3. I have two new big Jon swivel bases. Let me make sure I can find them and figure out a price.
  4. I'm interested in the rods/reels and balls, I work in Rochester and would like to see them in person if possible.
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