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  1. Saturday out of Wrights, started in 125 fow trolled out to 550, screen was dead, and all the way back.
  2. Netted a nice king on the surface once, came with flasher, leader and a meat rig. Have a bunch of $$ on the bottom of Lady O, paying the dues.
  3. Fished 0930 -1400 west of nuke plant from 80'-170' few marks, scarce bait, skunked. Trying again tomorrow afternoon.
  4. monitor channel 68 VHF FOR onieda. they were in 32 FOW this morning
  5. Launched out of Wrights around 3 pm and ran to where I've been fishing for the last month, out to 115 FOW and head east, Went 2 for 4, couple of kings. FF/SD on DR 107 down, dipsey out 330 with FF/SD.(using mono! wire next year!) Been catching Coho's lately but the Kings came yesterday. New to all this, just starting salmon fishing 6 weeks ago. Having a riot but going broke! Large assortment of gear on bottom of lake.
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