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  1. Thanks I will have to wait till next year I am done till then
  2. barrow the trench is north of Stoney Point outside Henderson Harbor
  3. I have been fishing the trench last weekend and coming up this week. We caught 6 fish in 3 days. I trailer my boat and wanted your thoughts on whether I should launch and fish in a different area for better fishing.
  4. Thanks for the responses, it looks like most of the Spring King fishing is at Rochester and West. Question, I have a 17 ft Lund with a 90HP how far out would I be going in the Rochester / Olcott area and would the size of my boat be an issue in this part of the lake. Usually fishing in the Trench if the lake gets bad I don't have far to go to get out of the rough stuff. Also I would welcome recommendations of good charters in the area as I probably would book a trip before going on my own. Thanks!
  5. I never fished that area before, I assume more spoons than flies in spring? What depth of water should I focus on?
  6. Fairly new to LO fishing, mostly fished the trench in August and early September. I would appreciate any help in trying for Kings in the spring. I trailer my boat so going to others areas will work. Any help will be appreciated as LOU has been a wealth of info for me.
  7. I just finished my last weekend for Kings last week, the soonest I would be back is maybe spring
  8. These two units are in great shape with 2 foot booms, I also have the original 1 ft booms and one oar-lock kit to mount in an oar lock. One unit has a hairline crack in the housing but this never functionally presented any issue in performance. Both have about 80 ft of cable. New with 1 ft booms these were $90 each will sell both with 1 and 2 ft booms for $65 plus whatever cost is to ship to you.
  9. I have two manual Walkers with 2 ft booms insteak of the 1 footers that came with them, I also have one clamp for an or lock. I have used these with up to 8 lb weights down to 80 feet. At 80 ft it does get a little tiring but it works. You are welcome to them for whaterver you think is fair plus shipping.
  10. finsntins - We are going to start in Henderson on Thursday and see how it goes, fishing through Sat so I will keep checking here and maybe move Fri or Sat Thanks for the reply
  11. Fished the last three weekends in the trench out of Henderson. We picked up a few kings, marked a lot of fish but in general it has been really slow not just for me but most of the boats in the area. I can trailer my boat and am going up again this weekend and looking for any suggestions on where else I might try and launch and try to get into the Kings. New to this board, appreciate all the great info I have gotten so far and thanks for any help!
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