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  1. Hi Guys, Last weekend we made the 4 hour trip to Cayuga from the Hudson Valley. We camped at Cayuga Lake State Park and used the launch there. It was a bit of a run to the cold water fishing grounds from there, but the campsite was cheap and the launch easily accessible from camp. Our plan was to get some fish for the smoker and learn new techniques for finger lakes trout and salmon. This was my second time to Cayuga. The fishing was AWESOME. We did 77 fish for the three days, primarly on the north end of the lake near Aurora for Lakers and then the west shore between Deans and Taughannock Point for silvers, bows and browns. We figured out the lakers pretty quickly. They were easy pickins. For the lakers we fished the bottom (no fishhawk to find temp) near aurora starting in 70 f.o.w. at sunrise and gradually moving out to 100 f.o.w. as the sun rose in the sky. There were a lot of consistant marks on the bottom there saturday, sunday and monday. The program that worked so well up there were gambler rigs and hammerhead bells in green monster, green silver and anything green. We ran these very close to the bottom, 3-4 feet above teh bottom and bouncing them into the sediment every few minutes or when we saw some good marks on the screen. We ran 3 of those setups and on the 4th rigger ran a clean spoon. Spoons that produced fish were a yellow red dots large evil-eye, Stingers in Green Glow Alwife and Gin~n~Tonic, and Producers in chartreuse with green ladder. We caught many fish in the 8-10 pound class and kept a few smaller for the smoker. After we got our laker limit we switched our program to silvers, bows and browns. We did well on the 12-22" landlocks using stinger spoons, colors varried and speedy shiners in purple/silver and rainbow trout patterns. Those fish came on riggers 40-50 feet down and cheaters on those riggers. 4 of the landlocks had lampreys attached. Fleas were pretty terrible on the north end, Aurora was TERRIBLE, got progressively better the further south we headed. We are headed back up this weekend, this time staying at Meyer's Park. Id really like to improve my Rainbow and Brown trout program. I feel that we have the salmon and lakers covered. Id like to ask for some of the folks that have that program dialed in to for suggestions on how to target them and get more consistent catches. My major downfall is my lack of a fishhawk, but have tackle and other electronics covered. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers Bobby
  2. Grady vs sea ox, GO FOR THE GRADY! Especially since fuel tank had already been replaced. SOLID BOAT!
  3. Glad to hear the gamblers are producing in the finger lakes, I just got a few to try on Cayuga this weekend! Nice detailed report, thanks! Sent from my XT1565 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Thanks guys. Rusty sounds like a great day of fishing. I love watching the salmon fly out of the water!
  5. Curious what size divers most guys are using on Cayuga. Thanks.
  6. HI Guys, Thanks for all the suggestions! We had a fun, successful trip to LG. The weather was not too nice, but made for okay fishing. We ended up with about 16 lakers from 19-26" and a heck of a landlocked that was 25" or so. Didn't measure or weight him because we wanted to get him right back in the water. Here is my report: On Saturday we fished the flats in the South Basin started just north of Long Island near Pilot Knob. We started early in 70 fow, marked fish on the bottom, trolled north staying between 70 and 90 fow. The program that worked there was a green set of hammerhead 4/0 cowbells trolled 30 feet behind the ball with a white flatfish 2' behind the bells. We picked up 4 lakers on that rig. We also did okay on a white/green evil eye trolled 30' behind a set of blue/silver 4/0 vertical hamerheads on the rigger. The water got a little nasty around Pilot knob and the fishing slowed so we picked up and made the run back up toward Hague around 11:30. Back up in Hague, we fished the west shore just south of Roger's Rock with a faster laker program and a few spoons up in 25-40 feet down. We nailed a great ~25" salmon on a evil eye (Painted it up on Thrusday before we left, Bright Orange with Black Dots). We caught a few more lakers near hague on a Fat Nancy color Micighan Stinger trolled 30' behind a Laker Killer color vertical hammerhead in 4/0 size. On saturday all the lakers came 60' down to 90' down. Sunday was a little slower, fishing wise. We fished the North basin, the area below Roger's Rock in 60-90 fow. We were successful fishing a set of hammerheads in-line in 3/0 size on 6 and 7 colors of lead. We caught a nice 6 pound laker on a Rapala F-13 Bleeding Shad behind the bells on 6 color core and also one on a blue/silver hammered Michigan Stinger behind the same size bells 7 colors. We lost a few salmon on a core setup with a small (2.5 inch spoon - not sure of the manufacturer - need to post it in the tackle section to find out who makes the spoon becuase I need more!). A few other lakers came at 35-50 feet down on clean spoons run 40' back on the riggers - blue silver northport nailers in 3.5" size. The bite slowed by 11:30 and my crew had chores to attend to at home, so I brought them back to the dock at rogers and headed back out solo. I didn't travel 3 hours to leave at noon on sunday . The wind picked up that afternoon and was blowing hard at Anthony's Nose so I ran two leadcore rods and made continued passes across the nose with 3 and 4 colors out bringing the lines real close to the rock outcrop on each pass. I hooked up mulitple times there but couldn't actually get them to the boat with the 30 or 40 mph winds blowing me into the rocks. It was still fun though! I want to take a second and thank you guys for sharing your successful programs on LG. I hope my report can serve to help the next rookie figure out the lake a little quicker. We really like staying at the NYSDEC campground at Roger's Rock. For 22 dollars a night you can camp and launch. I wish there were a few camps like that along Champlain. My plan for the rest of the summer is to fish the Finger Lakes (Cayuga and Owasco) then head north to Champlain in late July/August.
  7. ERABBIT - Thanks for the info! I lost a cannonball there too last year down by diamond point. No fun but at least I didn't have a probe on it. Just cable, the ball, releases and a vertical spinner all sit at the bottom. I can only imagine how much rigger tackle is at the bottom of that lake. Never had much luck on Rapala there. Which rapalas are you talking about in particular? Something like the original floater in F-13/F-18 size (4 3/8" and 7")? or the jointed floaters in J11/13? Someone else suggested rapalas with orange bellys. I'll give that a shot. One more question for you, on the dodger fly setup, what size dodger and did color seem to matter. Thanks a lot for your response. Happy fishing.
  8. I did a quick search for info on Lake George on LOU and it seems a few guys on here have had good results. George is the closest lake to me where there is a deep enough launch for me to target Lakers and Landlocks. The fingers are another 1.5 hour drive. So with that said, a few buddies and myself are headed up to LG this weekend, staying at Roger's Rock on the North End near Hague. Any fisherman on here willing to share some tried and true methods for getting into Lakers and Salmon on George? I am not looking for your specific spot, rather just a few tips on speed, lure selection, rigging that have worked for guys in the past. On a previous trip to LG we were successful off Diamond Point (south basin) bottom bouncing flatfish (U20 size) behind vertical attractors-hammerhead in blue/silver and Chartreuse. Our speed was very slow 1.0-1.8mph sog (no fishhawk). We will have leadline, dipsys and riggers to run in the mix. If this post falls too far from the LOU area, please feel free to delete. Bobby - Bobbyn' Along
  9. plecos4sale Thanks for posting. Like you mentioned, those are not the F18s but could be usable. Send me a PM with a price you would be interested in getting for them. If the price is right we could have a deal. Thanks.
  10. Looking around for any used/new Rapala Original Floating lures in F-18 (7") size you may have collecting dust and no intention of using. The condition doesn't matter as these will be painted. Will pay for shipping. Pm or reply to topic if you have anything. Also, if you happen to have any of the bleeding colors (bleeding Shad, Bleeding Hot Olive, Bleeding Copper Flash, Bleeding olive, Bleeding Pearl) I would be interested in those as well. Thanks, Bobby
  11. Thanks to everyone who responded. I still haven't found what I was looking for so onto Ebay.
  12. I spent an entire summer taking off bottom paint and restoring the gelcoat shine! The boat was docked in salt water so it was necessary. As for cleaning the gelcoat now, On Off is what I use. It comes out of the hudson every shade of brown, green orange you can think of. The on off melts it on contact with a little bit of scrubbing (i use a 2 gallon pump sprayer). It is essential keep trailer either wet or covered when using on-off. I only dock the boat for 2 months April and May where marine growth is a minimum.
  13. I am looking for a set of cannon gimbal mounts in 9" or any other gimbal mounts that will fit cannon base plates. Looking for used in good condition or new at a reasonable price. Let me know if you have a set kicking around collecting dust. Also looking for a set of bases for Uni-troll riggers and retro-ease(s). Thanks! Bobby
  14. I am looking for a set of cannon gimbal mounts in 9" or any other gimbal mounts that will fit cannon base plates. Looking for used in good condition or new at a reasonable price. Let me know if you have a set kicking around collecting dust. Also looking for a set of bases for Uni-troll riggers and retro-ease(s). Thanks! Bobby
  15. I noticed bayrat listed some BT Candy on their website (limited run that was available at a few shows) in short shallow. I guess they ended up with a box that was left over. Limited stock available.
  16. Was a nice lot.... Good luck to who ever ended up with them.
  17. Sounds like you had a great two days on the Lake! Always nice to have a dependable co-pilot. Just curious, what size divers you were using? Thanks!
  18. How is the bottom on the west side? Do you have to worry much about snagging the rigger gear? Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Cool post! Catch a monster! Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Girls look like pretty happy fisherladies!! Ever have any luck with paddles and flies down on the riggers? I ran a few last Sunday and about the only thing they accomplished was increasing blowback, lol
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