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  1. x2 also take the extra time to read your instruction manual, some times updates change menu's and how things are displayed, also I know Lowrance and probably other makes add a revision or update to the manual online(usually after a software update). Trust me reading a 50+ page manual is not my idea of fun,but it saves you time on the water and makes it more enjoyable. I just noticed a Lowrance update online for all you HDS gen 2 Touch
  2. I tried the bag method just to awkward for my needs, I have a swim platform so I custom fabbed a bracket and now run a kicker all the time, plus its nice to have the 2nd motor, my main engine lost ignition last year, Boy was I glad I had a kicker. And my ignition was replaced year ago. Go figure
  3. I'm on the Canadian side,but still bought them on Amazon.com(I have a US address) by the way they work great on my boat.
  4. Sit down,Shut up,Hold on,...I'm gonna try something..
  5. yes no problem,I purchased a "Garelick Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket-Horizontal Platform Mount" online very sturdy,just watch your kicker weight as per the bracket you buy as they have weight ratings.
  6. Received mine today as well,they look awesome,thanks again
  7. I agree,was very informative,learned a ton,wished I could re-watch this,should make a video,thanks to all but ya spring can't come fast enough..
  8. I just called Northwoods 249- best price I found, thanks
  9. I know this is a long shot,just wondering if anyone has a probe for a X4D fish hawk for sale. thanks
  10. Wow nice, but at what cost? Maybe practical for Coast Guard,Rescue?
  11. Thanks Tim, got registered for my brother and I,hoping to learn a lot as I ony been lake O fishing 2 years now,thanks again,see you soon. Paul
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