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  1. Olcott/Newfane launch?

    Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Yard sale extras (fishing gear)

    How mich for Daiwa 27s?
  3. King are there just gotta catch em !
  4. Atlantic!

    More often I should say
  5. Atlantic!

    4 Atlantics in 2 days out of olcott maybe they are gunna start showing up
  6. Atlantic!

    12-14lbs 31" never weighed it
  7. Wilson/Bar

    2 yr olds and matures and 2 Atlantics 1 in the teens
  8. Wilson/Bar

    10 kings a coho and Atlantic released a few and a couple lakers
  9. Wilson/Bar

    Offshore kings around juveniles tho steady bite
  10. Bets on weather.

    I'll be outta Wilson if weather permits
  11. Bets on weather.

    I'm leaving Pittsburgh at midnight too good luck hope it stays the same
  12. 40 Flashers

    Sold I'll pm you