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  1. Hey guys, I tried jigging this weekend out of Myers, need some advice. I do very well in the winter, jigging lakers thru the ice. But from the boat, how do you keep the boat in one place to keep the jig on the fishfinder? I couldn't keep it on the screen long enough to get down deep (60-100'). Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  2. Is there any lake access or lake rights?
  3. These are still for sale! Lots of interest but no one shows up. Money talks, BS walks!!!
  4. I have a matching set of manual downriggers. Great working condition, just took them off the boat. They have good cable and clips, mounting bases are included, I used up to 12# ball and they worked just fine. I'd like to get $150, call or text 315-663-5422 or message on here. Thanks!
  5. These are still for sale! Had two buyers no-show. Money talks, BS walks! Price seems pretty fair to me, I thought these would sell.
  6. So I went to Fair Haven, mostly because I've been going to Oswego lately and wanted a change. Well, the change was, no fish.... Water temps were all wrong, the chute was 53 degrees and the lake was 55-56, crystal clear water, no wind, and very little temp breaks. There was a very small area of warmer temps out of the swamp in the park, but not very much. Fished all over 4-30 feet, riggers, planers, flatlines, spoons, stickbaits and deep divers. Even moved out to 100-130 ft, tried rigging for lakers. No marks, no bites. Zero. But it was an absolutely gorgeous flat calm day.... sunset was amazing... and didn't have to worry about cleaning fish
  7. Running up for an afternoon trip,, which port would you recommend today, with a light NW breeze? Any info appreciated! Thanks
  8. These are still for sale as of 5/13/2018. These are great downriggers, I have caught a ton of trout and salmon on them off my small boat
  9. I have a matching set of manual downriggers. Great working condition, just took them off the boat because I bought electrics. They have good cable and clips, mounting bases are included, I used up to 12# ball and they worked just fine.I'd like to get $150, call or text 315-663-5422 or message on here. Thanks!
  10. SOLD- I have a matching pair of Cannon downriggers Magnum 10A for sale. Both of them work fine, I will hook them up to a battery and run them for you. They have the short booms, very solid, each downrigger has 3 rodholders which is extremely handy. Includes the mounting bases for both, they are loaded with wire cable, both have good clips to attach the ball, both end pulleys are good. Includes wiring harness as well. See the pictures below. Located in Syracuse, pickup only unless you wanna pay the hefty shipping bill. I think that these complete setups, with the triple rodholders, are worth $250 each. Call or text 315-663-5422 or message me on here.
  11. The brown i caught was on April 12, about 1 mi east of Oswego in about 20 feet of water. I'm fairly sure they were alewife not gizz.
  12. I have a matching set of BRAND NEW Proos electric downriggers, Model 26MB. These are new, in the original packaging, never even been out of the box, I never got around to putting them on the boat. Very well constructed, they have adjustable 4' rock solid booms, alum mounting plates, wiring, line counter, and pre-spooled with downrigger cable. I'd probably let these go for $300 apiece, call or text me 315-663-5422 Thanks!
  13. Last week I was fortunate enough to catch a 13.4 lb brown, fish had 6 large alewife in the stomach. They must have been 6-7" apiece... plus it was hungry enough to grab my stinger spoon. No gobies...
  14. Heading up in the morning to fish. Anyone have any reports from this weekend?
  15. I think the Cannon Mag 10A downrigger motors are the same motor as a 1984 Chrysler E-Class automobile power window motor. If you search for Cardone 42-44 power window motor, you can buy them online for about $30. I have one on order and I'm going to try it. That is for the round motor style in a Mag10A, if you have the flat motor style in a Mag10, I THINK its a Cardone 42-414 part number but you should check that to verify, not sure. I think they have a different gearbox, but it looks like the same motor shaft corkscrew... I'm hoping I can just unbolt the two screws holding the motor to the gearbox, and bolt up to the old gearbox. I'll let you know if it works, when the motor gets here.
  16. Hey everyone, just wanted to remind everyone the DEC State of the Lake Meeting is tonight, March 15, at Pulaski High School. Here's a link: http://www.oswegonews.com/osw/dec-state-of-lake-ontario-fisheries-meeting-march-15-in-pulaski-20180309
  17. Any updates on ice conditions from the South end? or east shore?
  18. Does anyone know if the boat launch at Sampson is still usable? I am not afraid to break ice, if necessary as long as its able to be done! Thanks.
  19. Darkwater1, THANK YOU! A bag of salt, shovel, and a very long rope are part of my standard winter gear... My wife says "crazy" Wonder if it will still be good with the super cold weather we are supposed to get after Christmas? Merry Christmas!
  20. Anyone close that could swing past and give a report on the launch conditions?
  21. Can anyone give some reports on boat launch conditions on Cayuga Lake? Thinking Union Springs, Long Point, Deans Cove.... Any ice or snow? are they plowed? Thanks everyone
  22. Thanks!! the geese are tough to get to decoy on the lake, better to hunt them in fields. I was thinking of trying a run up there fo rthe ducks before the Western Zone closes Dec. 6th, sound slike it might be worth it! Thanks again. Anyone else seeing many?
  23. Hey are you guys seeing many ducks when you're out trolling? Any flocks of divers or longtails? redheads? mallards? Thanks
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