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  1. #2 Clean all electrical connections then coat with dielectric grease ! Esp. the nut holding the power pack down ! Spent a whole afternoon rebuilding the three carbs finally started it getting dark same problem then saw a spark coming from the ground nut holding the power pack down ! tightened the nut with dielectric grease problem went away ! Run the engine in the dark if all else fails !

  2. Thanks for asking ! #1 Color rules in Lake Ontario and can change by the hour ! Start with chartreuse run the gamut ending on black/purple ; starting with body baits then spoons 1 [ that bite changes every year so you may be on your own unless you can get some reliable information ] Unlike salmon which tend to be nomads brown trout are often resident so you may have to find them ! Always start in close ie. 10 fow first light light tackle 6 to 10 lb. test and quality terminal tackle ie. SPRO ! Boards will keep the tackle away from the boat ! Then move out until you get one or watch the other boats ; then move out until you get one and stay there !

    Most of our browns have been caught on riggers with long leads !

    You can read " Keating on Kings " by Captain Dan Keating with several later editions for basic information but he fishes out of Lake Michigan !

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