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  1. Appreciate the info. Tight lines and following winds!!!
  2. Thanks you all for the come back. Really appreciated. Tight lines
  3. Do they make any quick release plates to remove downriggers without taking the bolts out of the plate? Can't put cover on with riggers on. Thanks for any info...
  4. Still available? Work like they should?
  5. Still Available? Where are you located? Buddy from Hamburg would be interested!
  6. I say the same. Don't give up. Check coils and compression.
  7. Had the same problem with my 115 Evinrude turns out coils were bad. One wasn't firing and another was intermitent. Replacing all 4 to be safe. Thought it was fuel pump, replaced it and decided to throw the coil tester on it. Bingo
  8. Purchased an older 7.5 Honda trolling motor and has an output plug for a charging cord for the batteries. Looking to purchase one or any info where I might find one. Thanks and I hope everyone is staying safe. Sad that the spring LOC Derby was cancelled and can only hope we can get out for the summer derby.
  9. Call Bob interested in tracks and possibly rod holders 716 6469724 live in Hamburg.
  10. Still for sale and how much is it? Seen put wrong price on it.
  11. Does anyone know if a person is not allowed in Canada for whatever, is allowed to fish in Canadian waters with a Canadian license as long as he does not land on shore? Tried to find out answers on line and could not find anything on there sites or calling there numbers that could help. Appreciate any input.
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