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  1. I went 0/3 in the morning. Marked a lot of fish at 60 from 90-120 fow. 2 hits were diver out 210 green with mirror spin dr.
  2. I marked a lot of hooks at 70 down over 80-90 fow...only caught one small King though. White with green dots spin dr.
  3. 1 laker and 1 king this morning. About 140' in front of Sandy Pond both came on green and chrome spin dr out 330 on 2.5. King going west, laker going east
  4. Got this girl Sunday morning out of Sandy Pond 130 fow on dipsy out 270. White w/green dots and green crinkle fly.
  5. Option #2 - 1. At least for the release pictured: If the release attached to the cable has more resistance than the one attached to the mainline, two have to pop otherwise all three would have to release. I imagine there are other versions where the two releases only connect to the snap and not to each other
  6. Just getting started here! Basically I need everything to run two mini mags 2 10 lb torpedo weights Releases 2 trolling rod & reel combos (would like line counters and around 7 or 8') In Syracuse or Sandy Pond area
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