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  1. that happened to me last year but we only had a 9.9 as a back up 13 miles out.
  2. started out in 25 ft, of water tonight fishing for browns just south of the power plant at 530pm, water was stained up a little and water temp was about 58 degrees, we trolled and before we could finish setting up the rods we had our first hit, it was a beautiful 5lb smallmouth which my 8 year old son had a blast reeling in. 2 hours of trolling after that in complete frustration my one downrigger hit bottom, I brought it up and when I went to reset the fuse was blown, after all the trolling and only one hit I conceded failure and let the line out 135ft, with a spoon. trolled another hour or so watched an amazing sunset and started trolling for home. just as I was talking to my 2 sons about packing it in, the rod I free lined a spoon on got the most amazing hit!!! line peeling off, we were in 25ft, of water, it must be a huge brown!! after 20 minutes of fighting this fish on 8 lb test to our amazement it was a 25lb king!!! has anyone ever heard of a king caught in 25 ft, of water flat lined!! to this very second I still cant believe it actually happened. needless to say it really made our day!!!
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