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  1. 1. I'm NO expert. This is only my second season with a boat so it's all kinda new to me too! I only post things on here because I glean a lot of information from the guys here, so I like to at least give back a little, and say if anything is biting, and on what. However: We have had good luck with a body bait (rapala, bomber, thunderstick ect.) letting out 100' then clipping on the planer boards, then letting out 50-70' more to get it out of the wake. We use them all year with the lead core, and if you want to troll in close with the spoons then let out 1 color (after 50' or mono leader) and then clip on the board. Hope this helps you! Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. My son and I only got one small brown just as the sun came up this morning on a and then NOTHING... It was tough on the little guy. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. My fishing buddy (blk lab) and I launch out of sandy this morning at 6:00. There was nice chop, and a nice mud line and some color in the water. Surface temp was 43-44 degrees. We worked 8-12' of water and went 5 for 5 on cookie cutter Browns. 4 of the 5 came on the same lure! Jr thunderstick in "green fire" I had it on an inline planer. We left around 8:30, when boat traffic picked up and it was getting crowded. We will t Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. This is my first year ever trolling outside of April and May so I am experiencing everything for the first time. Today we caught a few lakers In 120' 80' down. Then we kinda migrated deep with the boats that looked like they knew where they were going. Ended up with a small king just before it was time to head in 9 am. We had our first bad experience with fleas... 😕🔫 wow they are frustrating to deal with! Any tricks to either not pick them up or getting them off? I could definitely see loosing a fish while messing around with them. Second I see a lot of posts about big Browns, but no detail on how deep they are or what they are using. Are these guys targeting brown trout or did they just happen to run into them? I've caught nothing but lakers, steelhead and salmon since early June. Anyway thanks for any help! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Good report! I have not gone out that far yet and have been a little slow on the Kings! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. We were on the water at 5:30, awesome hazy sunrise. But the fishing was slow we worked 180-210fow with riggers at 70 and 50, #1 dipsy out 170 and a #0 dipsy out 210. And two leadcores out 7 and 9 colors on planers. After an hour we got a skippy on 70 rigger. Then a laker also down 70ish on the same rigger. The 10 minutes before we had to pull lines and bail out (working sucks) at 8:00 we got a ferocious hit on the #1 dipsy and pulled in the best steelhead I have caught to date! Amazing how one fish at the end totally changes the mood! Lol I was thinking about trying some "meat rigs" I don't know much about that, anybody wanna tell me were to get the cut bait? Are all the rigs created equal? Thanks for any info! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Good luck tonight Jeremy! I'm not qualified to give advise but next time I go out I will be checking my gear fairly often due to the amount of debris in the water. Nothing worse then dragging a plastic bag for a few miles.
  8. My dad, my son, and I headed out for a quick 2 hr trip tonight started fishing at 6. Around 6:30 we got a nice steelie on a dipsy 170' out we were in 205 fow. On a red and blk nk28 spoon. After getting it in we picked up and small king 6-7lb on and rigger down 58'. On a flasher and dw spoon. The last fish we landed was another nice steelhead on 7 colors of lead and an inline planer board with a multi color dw spoon. (Sorry I can't remember the names/exact colors) around 7:15. We fished until 8 and pulled the lines to find that each one had sh!t on them... No wonder we stopped catching fish! All together we went 3-5 with 2 phantom releases on a 45' rigger. DEC was doing a fish survey so they measured the steelheads (we released the king) and I brought them home and straight to the grill. Thanks to all the guys who put info on this site! It really helps us get a good starting point and make the most of the limited time we have on the water. THANK YOU!!
  9. I have been consumed by bass fishing for the last few weeks so today was the first morning back on the big lake in a while. We started at 100' going north then it got foggy so we bailed and fought some smallest and a white perch in the mouth, once it cleared out We trolled out and and back from 80'-240' of water. (Zig-zagging as we went) We didn't mark much of anything. Caught a tiny king early and that was it... There was a really cool break at 200' the current was so strong it wanted to turn the boat, tons of debris swirling around. It was pretty neat to see though... One side the water was like glass and 3' away it was really choppy. I'm new to fishing out deep. Is this common? Either way it was a beautiful morning with my kid on the water! Hope everybody else had better luck... Any insight on depth they are at? Thanks Ben Poor little guy couldn't stay awake! LOL
  10. Thanks "lost a lure" great info and starting point. cant wait to get there!!
  11. Thanks for the info guys! I appreciate the helpful tips.
  12. Hi I'm going up to Wellesley island next week for family camping/fishing. We have gone every year for 10 years now to the same place and always are pretty successful. I am always looking for more info, and ready to learn new tricks. -Any input on how to catch larger perch without filling the boat with baby's? Yummy -any walleyes up there. I've never caught one 😕 Thanks for any info you can send my way... My kids will thank you! They are 10,7, and 5 and if we stay on the fish we can fish longer and that mean more fun for me lol! Thanks Ben
  13. Thanks for confirming my thoughts... My dad has always used that same lil saying about the wind direction but I thought he made it up! We also did great last week. But on our low tech boat we do to have the down temp thingy so we are guessing (and stealing info off here) a lot of the time. Thanks again for the replys.
  14. We fished this morning for 3 hours at Sandy Creek. 100-150 fow riggers at 45 - 40 - 30 and dispys at 110' and 120' we only got one small king. We didn't get out until around 8am so we missed the early bite. Seemed to be slow the last few days. Should I try something different (depth, speed, presentation) or just keep plugging away? Does the east wind screw things up? Thanks
  15. Thanks pap! The "no drag flasher" not no drag set on the reel. It's an In line flasher that just spins. It doesn't make the big loop normal flashers do i think they are all "big AL's" Caught the king on the #1 dipsy
  16. **update** Make that 3 for 7, just landed a nice king. He was hooked solid.
  17. My father and I are fishing at sandy this morning. We got hits right off the bat on a #1 dipsy on 110' of braid with a nk28 red spoon. Problem is we are currently 2 for 6 on our releases. Both (steelies) we have gotten in the boat were on downriggers down 40' in 145' fow. With no drag flashers and dw spoons Is it indicative of steelhead to not get hooked? 2 for 6 sucks. The ones we lost seem like they hit it and they are gone by the time I got my line tight. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? - hooks are new/sharp -
  18. Wow! Thanks... So much goes into fishing deep and there are so many variables to learn and understand. For the blow back on the downrigger cable I have been measuring the angle and using the Pythagorean theorem (a2+b2=c2) that's a lot like work lol
  19. I am new to this forum, and new to fishing in more then 12' of water lol. I grew up on sandy creek spring brown trout fishing, my brothers and I would troll in our parents canoe with stickbaits until the water warmed up, and the fishing slowed. Then we would focus on bass or pike. Now I have a Little larger boat and a couple manual downriggers and have been fishing out where the big boys play! I normally only use 4 rods and we have boated 46 fish so far this season. Including five this morning, 3 kings 1laker and 1 steelhead/rainbow (whatever they should be called this time of year). My question is dipsy divers... I run two (one on each side) and I have them adjusted all the way to one side to pull away from the boat. 1. How accurate is the chart they give you? Seems like I was bumping the bottom but I didn't have enough line out for the depth I was in. 2. Speed, does it change with the kind of flasher or bait I am using. (I bought 1 of each style to see what caught more fish.) 3. How badly do I need a down temp and speed device (fish hawk)? Haven't people been trolling for like a million years without it? Thanks for reading all this! I appreciate the info you guys post! Ben I listened to channel 72 today, very cool
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