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  1. Is the Sandy public launch open? I've been watching the web cam from the BYC and it still shows water up to their parking lot.
  2. 3X with the Moor Klincher kit. As for a snubber between the probe and ball.....wha!? The moor sub troll should have come with an (I think it's 80 pounds) breakaway leader kit that you use to attach the cannon ball to the probe. That way if you snag the ball, the breakaway gives before the 150 pound coated line breaks. Although Moor went out of business, you can still get spare parts, (and the breakaway system) here... http://www.esgdirect.com/trolling.html Scroll down, and you will find the 80 pound break away set up. Also, that Moor Klincher is only $10 on this site as well.
  3. Thanks. Will start there.
  4. Found the part manual on line, but can't seem to find anyone that carries parts for these old riggers. I'm in the Rochester area, anyone know of a place that might be able to help out. Thanks in advance, Jim
  5. We were out of Sandy that morning as well. Decided to try deeper. Had one screamer 40 down in 220 fow that broke off. Then nothing but a skippy in the next few hours. Glad we weren't the only ones to come up short, was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong.
  6. 18' deep V Tracker here. Awesome on the lake. Rides comfortably on bigger rollers, and really stable. I draw the line at 2' plus however, as it's just no fun when it's that rough, but I'm guessing the boat would ride them out if needed.
  7. If you like fish that tastes like fish (I've never understood Tilapia....why eat something that isn't supposed to actually taste like fish) Lakers are pretty good. Smoked is a great way to utilize them as well. If I listed my preferences however, it would be Browns, Steelhead, Salmon, Lakers. They do run towards the strong side. The meat however is not noticeably different than the others imho.
  8. Anyone find any color out there today? Went east for 3 miles, and then back to Hamlin, and no color at all. Tried working 20-40 FOW with no success either. Anyone have any luck today?
  9. https://www.wunderground.com/MAR/LO/043.html
  10. Amazing what a difference a day makes. Went out today...no mud line out to 60 FOW. Clear as crystal. Didn't even twitch a rod. Ah well, glad someone had luck this weekend!
  11. Thanks Minion. Got mine today, great packing, no surprises. Pleasure doing business with you.
  12. PM sent regarding lot 2.
  13. Shipping to Chili NY? Payment? Pay pal?