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  1. Out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin. Not 10 minutes after we hit the lake the fog showed up. Made things interesting for sure. Thank you GPS and compass. Landed 4 Browns (lost another at the boat) and the King within an hour. The King managed to make enough of a mess that we pulled the gear to sort it out. Good thing....not 2 minutes later another boat appeared in the fog and we were able to turn and scoot out of the way without messing up their set up. We called it a day after that one. No need to push the luck crossing someone else's path. Turns out there were at least 6 other boats out there based on the trailers in the lot. Water was nice and green. Temp was 46 or so. All fish hit between 10 and 20 FOW. 2nd pic gives a good sense of just how thick the fog was. In hindsight, we probably should have just turned around and headed home due to the fog..
  2. Thank you. Will make life a bit easier this week.
  3. Anyone know if they are in? Thanks!
  4. When folks talk about a clip to keep your deep bellied net nice and tight I think they mean something like this? I use a release to gather all the slack in the net so that when you go to net from head first it doesn't "bloom" out in front and screw you up royally. The clip lets the excess release as soon as you put some of the fish's weight on the bottom of the net.
  5. Did you try Troutman 87? Not sure if he goes to 8 pounds, but he's a member, and I've purchased from him before. Good quality and good pricing/shipping costs.
  6. I started with J plugs, but pretty soon switched (don't quite know why...thought maybe still a bit early) to Rapalas. Set them on the down riggers about 1.5 foot down just to make sure they ran around 7' deep. I noticed the stink as well, but I think there may also be a sewage plant up near the falls. Pretty powerful smell last weekend for just a few floaters!
  7. Cheese beat me to it! It is a SUPER easy troll on the way up. In fact the current helps keep your speed at a nice rate. (I have an 18 foot Tracker). There was boat traffic, but most places are wide enough that you won't have any issues. Like Cheese said, when you can start to see the mist of the falls and guys standing in the water casting....time to turn around!
  8. Thanks all. It was a nice trip. Had rapala's out, but no takers. Will hopefully have another trip or two before wife says enough....:)
  9. Trolling up river on Genesee Took the wife and a friend out last week and puttered up the Genesee to Driving Park. Just wondering if it's worth putting out some plugs or Rapala's if I make another trip when the foliage gets better? Thanks in advance, Jim
  10. I have to ask...how on earth did you snag the ball? Were you bottom bouncing? If you were, pretty risky doing that with the sub troll probe attached!
  11. Is the Sandy public launch open? I've been watching the web cam from the BYC and it still shows water up to their parking lot.
  12. 3X with the Moor Klincher kit. As for a snubber between the probe and ball.....wha!? The moor sub troll should have come with an (I think it's 80 pounds) breakaway leader kit that you use to attach the cannon ball to the probe. That way if you snag the ball, the breakaway gives before the 150 pound coated line breaks. Although Moor went out of business, you can still get spare parts, (and the breakaway system) here... http://www.esgdirect.com/trolling.html Scroll down, and you will find the 80 pound break away set up. Also, that Moor Klincher is only $10 on this site as well.
  13. Thanks. Will start there.
  14. Found the part manual on line, but can't seem to find anyone that carries parts for these old riggers. I'm in the Rochester area, anyone know of a place that might be able to help out. Thanks in advance, Jim
  15. We were out of Sandy that morning as well. Decided to try deeper. Had one screamer 40 down in 220 fow that broke off. Then nothing but a skippy in the next few hours. Glad we weren't the only ones to come up short, was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong.
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