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  1. These T style aluminum plates slide in the open bottom area of the older style Cannon Mag 10 downriggers such that the large knob that secures the DR to the mounting base can't be unscrewed. They are 1/4 inch aluminum plate and the Master locks are keyed alike. I'm no machinist and cut them by hand with a hacksaw but they worked fine for me for 6 years. Some piece of mind for leaving your DRs on the boat. $25 for the pair. IMG_20200925_112138701.jpeg


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    Parts from the 2 Mag 10s I just retired: 2 motor units that work fine; 2 swivel bases; 1 boom assembly is OK but the cable spool is cracked; 1 spare rod holder with clamp; 1 mounting block that attaches to swivel base. Electrical connectors on motors are the new style, same style as my new Mag 10 STXs came with. Not sure on exact age but can get the S/N of the one unit if that helps anyone. $50 OBO for everything. Located in Webster and will not ship, local pickup only.IMG_20200831_194431726.jpegIMG_20200831_194441531.jpegIMG_20200831_194510503.jpeg


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  3. Decided to enjoy the weather for an afternoon troll. Fished from 3:30 to 7:00 N of Hedges out of IBay in the 400 to 500 fow area. Best day in a long time with 4 very nice kings all on yellow or white flies with spin doctors. 3 of them in 420, one in 460, all down 125'. 17, and 2 at 19 lbs. The 4th made it next to the boat after 15 minutes of running but I couldn't net him. I believe it would have been the biggest king I would have ever caught. He broke my 30# P-line but I got a very good look at him. Took over 400' of line out and jumped about 4' above the water at one point. Even though I didn't get him in the boat the fight was well worth it. Didn't expect much at that time of day, but it was a pleasant surprise.IMG_20200820_154435889_HDR.jpegIMG_20200820_154552990_HDR.jpeg


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  4. Based on reports from Sat thought I would head to deeper water N of Hedges on Sun morning.  After all, the NOAA wave forecast was 1' or less.  Ha! Once I got out there it was a 1-2' chop with the occasional roller underneath.  Note the horizon in the picture.  Set up about 250' and worked my way out to 450'.  I found one heck of a hole in the 380-390' area that drops 70' in very short order.  Marked a lot of fish and lost 2 before landing this 24 lb guy.  FF combo with a silver/maroon flasher followed by yellow/white UV glow fly 95 over 420 fow.  The reel screamed and I pulled the DR up and just let the wind take the boat NE.  The wind/boat cooperated well and the GoPro captured the rest. Solo fishing can be relaxing and exciting all at the same time. I stocked the freezer the week before so I took great pleasure in watching this one revive next to the boat and take a deep dive home.  I guess my query last week on fishing N of Hedges paid off!   


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