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  1. 11 hours ago, Yankee Troller said:

    There isn't a tougher format than the Orleans County Open. It's an event where you have to catch different species to complete your box.

    Really like the sounds of that. Sounds similar to the Finger Lakes Trollers association tournaments we fish but on a lake o level. Think I'll be adding that to the list for sure!

  2. Alright guys I have been a long time finger lakes angler and occasionally lake o. However I recently just upgraded boats and plan to slip on the big lake and fish there all season next year. This past season we fished the Fairhaven challenge on a buddies boat and had a great time. I also learned a ton from tournament fishing the finger lakes and would like to do the same on Ontario. I'm willing to take losses to learn. Would like to hear what everyone's favorite events are on ontario to get in for next year! Thanks in advance!

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