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    Sold / Closed Wellcraft sportsman 250

    Hello Scott, I left you a voice message I like Wellcrafts and your boat would be great upgrade from my 20 ft Wellcraft Coastal, please give me a call Thanks Kevin 845-304-2537.
  2. Kevin Clark

    for sale : usa 1986 sportcraft 242

    Hi My name is Kevin just sold my old sportcraft loved it mine was the 222 offshore from 1983, I have a 20 ft wellcraft all set for lake fishing it's in the shop for bellows and impeller owned it about 4 years. Perhaps a trade and cash please call me at 845-304-2537, thanks.
  3. Hey there sorry about that I will be in camp Fri afternoon thru Tuesday morning, I'd be interested in coming to look the entire number is 845-304-2537 thanks for your help Kevin aka Breaktime
  4. Hello, I also knew Ole salty I have a camp and boat at Catfish as well at Rombough's place I'm in the market and know the Steiger Crafts are sea worthy plus that dual prop is cats ass !!!!!!!!!!1 please call me or provide contact info my number 45-304-2537. Appreciate your help. Breaktime
  5. Hello, I own a 222 sportcraft its a 84, had it 13 years love it, I am interested in your boat I live downstate and drive through your area coming and going I'd like to stop by and look in person. Driving up Friday for weekend then back home on Weds for work would you be available either of those times? Kevin
  6. Sunchaser, What up Dawg, it's stanktime does it say Obama sucks vote for Trump on bottom, see you at camp.
  7. Thanks for input yes the sandbar in front of Catfish has only 2-3 ft of water depending on wave action 90 % of the fishing last weekend was in 15-25 Fow we pushed out in front of the plant to comply with regulations. We did observe the coast guard ticketing an 18 ft aluminum boat that was inside of the buoys. I'm not too worried about the crappy fishing last week, if its bad for Spring LOC then I will cry and whine, good luck to everyone . Breaktime
  8. Timing is everything and mine stunk arrived at camp 4/15 by 11am all eager to fish, got camp open and boat in the water and ready to fish. We left Catfish Sat morning and trolled west for 7 hours from Hi Rocks to almost to Alcan and back got 3 bites landed one 3 lb brown off two color with dolphin spoon, by observation tower in 50 fow. Sunday got early Start went east fished from Catfish to Salmon river and managed two bites a 10 lb laker and 5 lb brown both around Selkirk in 25 FOW on corner rigger down 12, with a glow chicken wing fished from 7am until almost 3. Lake was nice boat ran good fishing awful. When I thought it couldn't get any worse Mon morning proved me wrong, Left dock at 6:30 motored directly to Selkirk no boat traffic some color in the water trolled Selkirk to Brennan beach twice then started across the bay to camp, wind picked up and we wrapped it up by 10;30 had a whitefish attached to center rigger pretty odd looking big eye's. Anyway at least camp is open and boat is working well skipping this weekend so fishing will likely improve next trip 4/29/16. Good luck guys. Breaktime
  9. Just back from another fun / frustrating fishing trip, arrived at camp7/24 at 3pm, left the dock at 4 searching for Kings, had some good intel so powered up the Breaktime and cruised 8 miles to Oswego set up on north troll in 150 fow had first line a rigger down 70ft with standard green echip trolling ultra green glow fly start ripping before we hit 200 fow. Ran a spread of rigger's wire dippy's and two copper's a 350 and a 400. Wound up with a 5 for 7 trip 3 nice adult kings, an atlantic 30 inches down 114 was biggest surprise beautiful fish, that was on a dolphin echip dragging a big weenie fly. Sat morning left dock at 5:30 and went due north to Salmon River area in 150 kept trolling north had fish on before I even deployed the copper's guys lost a couple due to inexperience with flea's etc, so did some coaching and landed a nice one off green edge spinny with white halo fly once I demonstrated how to slap the rod on water before the fleas become buried in the eye's of rod they did better. Ended up with 4 for 8, no copper bites, and no dippy bites riggers down 100-130 were good that's with 13lb swim darter's, best speed was around 2.2-2.5. Sunday morning went lone wolf finally nice fish on mag dippy back 250 UV green mag setting 3 with chartreuse spinny trolling sweet pea fly, can't recommend that fly enough Kings like the plain ones and the glow. The NBK paddle with green fly also worked consistently on all of my trips this weekend. Landing big Kings solo is a rush, after clearing corner rigger got a 20lb silvery hen into the net handlining her in. After that a couple of skipper's that got released and dropped one off center rigger down 91 trolling a pig pen paddle and sweet pea fly. Went out again Sunday evening with Dapper Dan on his luxury boat had steelhead action on 10 color and 250 copper, off the boards one had a dolphin spoon the other jawbreaker. Caught a few juvenile kings 4-8 lbs. Overall weather was great, didn't lose any tackle, put fish in the boat, lake was flat, the fog on Sunday morning rolled in and was impressive, really thought rods would keep firing, probably should have went to all glows. Congrats to all the guys who cashed in, especially Logan who won the youth division with a 25 lb King he caught with Papa Tim aka Dapper Dan. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!! Breaktime
  10. Howdy, I'm new to posting info on the computer, however figured I'd share the good news. I've had a boat for past 12 years and fish from Oswego to dunes most of the time. I arrived at camp for Friday morning trip on 7/17 motored straight out from catfish creek to 150 fow trolled north to 200 fow had first Salmon on the deck of the Breaktime before finished setting up. Fished that area until about 1. we had 4 keeper's in the box two over 20lbs gps speed was 2.2 best depth on rigger was 55. Relased a few chicken's lost a couple, 300 copper off a board also did well with dolphin e-chip dragging big weenie blue and yellow fly. Couple of bites on spoon's mostly the blue whale magnum size. Fished both morning and evening trips on 7/18,7/19 stayed in same vicinity bites started to come a little deeper on Sat and Sun every trip we had between 4-6 fish hit the deck, evening trips were productive again 300 hundred copper, rigger's at 60,70 and 80. Free slider's took fish ever trip, had giant steelhead rocket out of the water on Sunday morning trip attached to UV diehard spoon had to launch 5-6 foot into the air, eventually he wrapped around the wire and dropped off, we laughed, we smiled then cursed when he let go. Big fin Atommik fly got bitten of on the 70 rigger after big king exploded the two rubber bands I had holding echip to release. The worst part of this weekend was the flies, flat lake but lots of biting flies. I still have no idea how to attach pictures from my phone to the website, hopefully somebody can explain that in a way that redneck hunting and fishing guy could understand. Enjoy the great fishing. Breaktime
  11. Hi Copper John, Can't believe nobody is biting on this deal great boat maybe we need to fish it again, last time it was a bloody mess guys like those pictures, see you this weekend time to boat some kings!!!!!!!! Breaktime222
  12. Hi CJ, This is a great boat, the owner can be a little grouchy. Love the big John Arch I'd buy it except just got a new car good luck to whomever takes advantage of this opportunity. Breaktime222
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