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  1. Skaneateles Skaneateles 6-30-17

    skan lake is a mess after the flooding....
  2. Skan help

    You guys are the best - I did all of the above and have had some great luck 4 Rainbows 2 Lakers Bam.......
  3. Skan help

    Thanks Guys I think I have been fishing too shallow and not early enough. I will also try my fire tiger. I have been going as slow as I can with a trolling bag. What speed are you using? Also - Is there a particular lake point to start around or should I just run over 100 FOW. I have been spotting fish at 70 last few days now that you mention it.
  4. Skan help

    Hi All Have been running my downriggers around skaneatelas without luck the last 2 weeks Running between 35-70 over 60-100 FOW. Small spoons. Any ideas where the trout hide this time of year?
  5. Skaneateles update

    LL is an awesome fish....question is do they reproduce or are they all just stocked?
  6. flashers for Skaneateles?

    Skip Jack - I have a cottage on the south end and have been rigger fishing the lake for a few years but my success rate is less then optimal. Do you guys put in on the south end coming from Binghamton? I must have run into you before. I am in a cuddy cabin Chaparrall. Would love to catch up sometime next spring and learn from your experience.
  7. Hi All Was wondering if anyone uses flashers on Skaneateles and if so what kind?
  8. Skaneateles Skan Guide

    Is anyone guiding on skan or know of any old timers then can teach me how to get the lakers? I have riggers and small spoons.....