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  1. ($200 -each) I have two mag 10 electric downriggers. These have been tested, cleaned , upgraded booms and pulley, installed the new version power cord on one of them. These are the older version but a rigger with a motor beats hand cranking any day. Text with any info mike 815 483-9592
  2. ($250) Everything you need to get going except the coated rigger cable. Practically brand new. Located near Chicago. Feel free to text with any questions . Mike 815 483-9592
  3. Funny you should mention Gambler Rigs. A fellow crew member, TYEE II on our tournament team, picked one of those up. We used the underwater camera to test the action. Those things look effective for sure. Cant wait for him to hook up with a giant and have it on the GoPro. You guys should see the housings he makes to put the GoPro down on the downrigger. PHENOMENAL tracking and perfect to pair up with the Gambler Rig Cowbells in depths under 180 FOW
  4. On Lake Michigan we call use "peanut" to refer to a small fly, tied directly to a treble hook. Mainly for coho and steelhead
  5. How are the acrylic glows? Do they hold up? I'm not mass producing so I'm not really worried about them lasting a life time, but at the same time.... If it takes me 20-30 minutes to perfect a spoon... It better last me a season
  6. Does anybody else use powder paint to make spoons? I'm curious of your setups and your production techniques . The heat gun and single spoon at a time is time consuming.
  7. Yeah, thanks! I wasn't sure if all you guys fishing Ontario were aware of how effective these are for Lakers.
  8. I am searching for a few luhr Jensen 8" smoke Dodgers. They have a trash can-like finish . I am willing to pay top dollar for these. Thanks
  9. i have a 10' brand new , plastic and tags still on it
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