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  1. offshore

    Sold / Closed 28 Baha

    I would have to agree My mistake sorry about that
  2. offshore

    Sold / Closed 28 Baha

    Thanks will do. I presently have a 29 penn yan predator im going through but i dont expect it to be ready until spring
  3. offshore

    Sold / Closed 28 Baha

    Thanks for the interest however boat has been sold
  4. offshore

    Sold / Closed 28 Baha

    1987 28 BAHA stringers and transom recently done Twin 302 reman fords(no idea on hrs since rebuild however vitals are excellent).Equiped with 3 scottys ,fish hawk,raymarine c120 ff/ cp,garmin ff/cp,raymarine c80 radar and raymarine hydraulic 6002 autopilot.Boat is presently located on the little salmon river. Boat has been reconditioned and fishes excellent.$25,000 Trades concidered Best to call if anyone has interest as i will be at camp away from wifi 802 598 2322
  5. offshore

    for sale : usa 28 BAHA

    1987 Baha twin 302 fords.They have been rebuilt however unknown hrs since rebuild.Stringers and transom recently done.Equiped with 3 scottys raymarine c120 ff/cp garmin 721 ff/cp raymarine c80 radar raymarine 6002 autopilot and a fishhawk.Boat is in excellent condition is presently located in the little salmon river.It is turn key and fishes very well. $25,000 trades concidered.I am heading to camp and will be without wifi if there is any interest.802 598 2322 Brad
  6. i thought you were looking for a Penn Yan.I just put the for sale signs on my Baha yesterday.The boat has fresh stringers and transom.Its turn key ready to fish(actualy i have been using it the past week) it is presently located in the little salmon river.I am asking 25k.If you have any interest it would be best to just call when you can. Best of luck in your search Brad 802 598 2322
  7. you didnt say what size boat you are looking for or price range. I have a 28 Baha pretty much completely refurbished not sure what you want
  8. call me when you have time i have one that may interest you Brad 802 598 2322
  9. I would like to purchase these props my zip is 05446 my name is Brad please give me a call when you have time. 802 598 2322
  10. sorry i was not referring to charging from kicker.I was suggesting 2 battery banks and a switch to alternate witch bank you want to use.
  11. A good dealer would have water tested and proped the boat correctly in the first place
  12. offshore


    Check EBAY or [email protected] or PPT-MarineEngines &sales . I was a boat dealer for over 20yrs you can get quality used engines from either of these places. Best of luck I have seen it happen many times
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