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  1. sorry i was not referring to charging from kicker.I was suggesting 2 battery banks and a switch to alternate witch bank you want to use.
  2. open was there wed
  3. Why not just add a battery switch
  4. A good dealer would have water tested and proped the boat correctly in the first place
  5. Check EBAY or [email protected] or PPT-MarineEngines &sales . I was a boat dealer for over 20yrs you can get quality used engines from either of these places. Best of luck I have seen it happen many times
  6. I will take them Where do i send pmt
  7. Sold / Closed

    I will take them. How would you like to get paid?
  8. No replacement for displacement. Lunds are great Alum boats also
  9. Give me a call when you can.802 598 2322 Thanks Brad
  10. Where are the fish September 24 Mexico bay?
  11. Where are the fish September 24 Mexico bay?