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  1. I would like to purchase these props my zip is 05446 my name is Brad please give me a call when you have time. 802 598 2322
  2. 24volt Trolling motor question.

    sorry i was not referring to charging from kicker.I was suggesting 2 battery banks and a switch to alternate witch bank you want to use.
  3. Mexico State launch

    open was there wed
  4. 24volt Trolling motor question.

    Why not just add a battery switch
  5. Motor cavitating on pontoon boat

    A good dealer would have water tested and proped the boat correctly in the first place
  6. Boat

    Check EBAY or [email protected] or PPT-MarineEngines &sales . I was a boat dealer for over 20yrs you can get quality used engines from either of these places. Best of luck I have seen it happen many times
  7. Leaders

    I will take them Where do i send pmt
  8. Sold / Closed 41 flies.

    I will take them. How would you like to get paid?
  9. Advise on boat

    No replacement for displacement. Lunds are great Alum boats also
  10. Advise on boat

  11. Give me a call when you can.802 598 2322 Thanks Brad
  12. Where are the fish September 24 Mexico bay?
  13. Where are the fish September 24 Mexico bay?