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  1. Hey guys, I got a 55 1/2 inch longnose gar the other day in Canada, which came up just shy of the Canadian record in weight, even while it happened to be 5 inches longer. Regardless of if it would have been a record or not, I wanted to release it. So my question is, does anyone know of anyone who would do a replica mount of a gar that size? Only places I know now will do it for around $1000. It's truly a special fish, and a once in a lifetime catch, so I want to get a replica made sometime within the next year if I can find someone who does good work for a reasonable price.IMG_4357.JPGIMG_4359.JPGIMG_4360.JPG



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  2. Erie is on fire now for schooled up smallmouth. Fished out of Buffalo and Got 30 on Thursday, one of the most fun times fishing I've ever had

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  3. Not sure how far you're willing to go but Owasco is tough to beat for spring panfishing in my opinion. Main body can get wavy, but if you fish the docks on the north west side Of the lake you will get big sunfish and gills along with a smattering of perch and bullhead. As a bonus I've noticed the panfish are all very pretty colored there. Plus there's always giant schools of fish to see which I'm sure he'll enjoy IMG_1488779764.187113.jpg

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  4. Just curious what you guys use on your baitcasters. I'm left handed, and use both left handed reels on spinning and casting. I've considered trying to become "fluent" with both hands, as it seems like everywhere is always sold out of left handed reels.

    What do you guys use? Anyone try switching over?



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