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  1. Are you using flashers, spinny flys, on the downriggers? Or straight spoons?
  2. I am pretty much begging for help here! Been out three times for these salmon and skunked each time! Can't find a school or any marks any where! Does any one have a better route to take? Or any info would do? Thank you!
  3. We started in shallow looked for dirty water picked up one nice brown on green and white spoon! Then gave up cause water was too clear and went out deep 100fow! Picked up a nice laker on wonder bread flasher and green and white fly!!!! Not bad for going out after work!
  4. Thanks I will try the medium and be ordering real soon!!
  5. Thanks finders keepers, I never new the difference in the 3 rd setting! I usually run flasher flys too so thanks again!
  6. So I have ran the steel wires before of dipsys! Between the different settings how much deeper does 1 setting go compared to 3 setting!
  7. Are u buying the deep diver bay rats or the 4-5 ft divers!
  8. I just meant a 1/2 oz split right above a 6 ft leader of fluorocarbon!
  9. Thanks! Still getting used to the LOU! Didnt know how to attach pictures!
  10. We got out late last night with a 1' to 2' chop! Started by Webster park running six lines with shadow wrap rapalas all white, natural brown trout challenger and white and green spoons, all with six 1/2 oz split shot before leaders! We went nine for nine total in an hour and a half! Running from 5 ft to 12 ft but mostly the shallows off the dirty water mark!
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