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  1. We caught 1 small King Saturday. Couldn't mark bait or fish for our lives. Sunday 6 small king's at 65 ft in 85 ft of water. We marked fish so we stayed on them. One good steelhead. Got off the water at 3:30 due to storms. Really slow fishing compared to a month ago. Time for Striper fishing in NH. Thankfully. Sent from my SM-G930P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I had similar circumstances. Dad and Brother passed. 20 years went by, my pontoon boat is not a great lakes boat a friend told me he wanted to go with his Grady. I still have all the gear and lures. We rigged my planer mast on his boat and went from 4/22 to 4/25. We caught a bunch of great fish. We are going back Memorial day weekend we had such a great time. I used to fish it heavily back then. I think we used to fish the 100 ft contour with down riggers and ran the planer boards with divers. If anyone can refresh my memory that would be great.
  3. Nice Report we where there until Monday.Caught tons of Browns some lakers and kings. we are heading back up for Memorial day weekend. I take it we will be in deeper water with down riggers, is that correct? I haven't fished it in late may before any tips are appreciated.
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