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  1. Yeah really good deal I paid 800 for mine Newfie Bruce
  2. Hi I've been reading a bit about the musky fishing in Niagara river and would like some help finding good areas to go in a 23 ft bayliner trophy for casting bull dawg magnums I am not familiar with the river but I do have navionics on my phone thanks in advance Newfie Bruce
  3. How's the musky on st clair they getting any beef to then nowNewfie Bruce
  4. How much it cost roughly for a 23 footer to get shrink wrapped ya think?Newfie Bruce
  5. I've caught fish with my downriggers set at 20 feet running a 2 stroke 9.9hp for a kicker I would guess using dipsys the kicker noise wouldn't be an issue at all Newfie Bruce
  6. I do have a scotty manual downrigger that clamps on to a canoe that I was going to use for this project and that's what I figured with the wires I only need to figure out which one is for the temp on the ducerNewfie Bruce
  7. Maybe won't lose a downrigger but the cable will snap if it bounces too hard even with as little as a 8 lb cannonball and you'll lose the ball and clincher anyways Newfie Bruce
  8. If that's the case then yeah it'll be a pita so I'm hoping the temp part of the duce is a splice solder and seal Newfie Bruce
  9. I am going to set it up to hand lower it on 1/4 inch cable I will zip tie the wires to it every 5 ft with different colors ties so I will know my depth Newfie Bruce
  10. I think it's gonna work great I'll put it on a manual down rigger on the bow that way I won't have to worry about tangle ups when I get a fish on Newfie Bruce
  11. Has anyone ever taken an old fish finder and mounted the boat speed wheel and transducer to a cannonball I know the 2 wires would need to be extended as they are only 20 ft but my only concern is if the transducer will cause interference with my new fishfinder old is lowrance x91 new is lowrance hook 7 with chirp Newfie Bruce
  12. I got the hook 7 at bass pro with navionics chip for 835 saved a bit of taxes with the wife's squaw card Newfie Bruce
  13. I was looking same unit and hook 7 at sail today and almost bought one but the 9 inch was 1200 plus tax the 7 was 800 plus going to check out bass pro tomorrow they have a lowrance 7" touch screen for 800 plus I might have a bit of a hankering for Newfie Bruce
  14. Prefer lowrance and hummingbird in that order must have north america chip for gps do set need side imaging to much money for me I have a grand to spend for the right unit canada only Newfie Bruce
  15. 840 x4 or x4d list what you got and for how much and where it's located also if anyone knows where they are on sale in canada let me know Newfie Bruce
  16. Did you ever sell it are you in canada Newfie Bruce
  17. is this just bait fish? Newfie Bruce
  18. I set this up for night trolling fish finder comes alive at night need to turn sensitivity down once it gets dark led bobber clipped to your cannonball can work well as an attractant but can also spook so it's hit n miss Newfie Bruce
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