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  1. you guys need to wake up! that's what they call the "SHEEP"
  2. stupid boaters are everywhere! just check out MIAMI BOAT RAMPS on YOU TUBE or many more videos!
  3. ROLMOPS obviously had to many clot shots, he is surely part of the problem with his a-hole attitude!!!!!!!
  4. i think alot of people are brain damaged from the vaccine clot shots and they are definitely causing more vaccidents , that is a fact !
  5. do like ITALO LABIGNAN SPORTFISHER and release them back in the lake so they can make a thousand more! LOL ! SAD BUT TRUE !
  6. It's funny to see that I had the same exact crack except it was in the lifter gallery area, because I didn't winterize cause I was gonna scrap it anyway. So my plan to scrap it and buy a new one didn't work out as I planned so I was forced to use for another season . So I ground out the crack and laid a ton of JB WELD , and it got me through another season, LOL. Since you have already taken out the block the best way to repair would be with a OXYGEN-ACETYLENE TORCH and some BRONZE BRAZING rod especially on a cast iron block like the other reader stated. It's cheap and would restore the strength of the block. Hope that helps.
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