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  1. It's funny to see that I had the same exact crack except it was in the lifter gallery area, because I didn't winterize cause I was gonna scrap it anyway. So my plan to scrap it and buy a new one didn't work out as I planned so I was forced to use for another season . So I ground out the crack and laid a ton of JB WELD , and it got me through another season, LOL. Since you have already taken out the block the best way to repair would be with a OXYGEN-ACETYLENE TORCH and some BRONZE BRAZING rod especially on a cast iron block like the other reader stated. It's cheap and would restore the strength of the block. Hope that helps.
  2. Never argue with an **** cause they will drag u down with stupidity and win with experience!
  3. ok I was out last Thursday when I woke up at 9 so I did the merry-go-round salmon thing off the PORT DALHOUSIE pier and got a 15lbs chinook around 9.30am in 30 ft water on the same green spin doctors and fly, so I did the merry go round for another hour and got s-it! So off we shuffle to the LAKE TROUT HEAVEN in 100 water near the buoy off port and sure enough the lakers are biting on the same green spin doctors and atomic flies! Actually I got the biggest laker last week of the whole season! The laker was bigger than my 15 lbs salmon! I got a 36 inch cooler and it barely fit!
  4. Maybe we should all come together as a community to fight all negative actions and promote positive actions in all communities and especially get rid of the HARPER **** once and for all!!
  5. And on a further note, TAKING out the BULLIES would entail a phone cam and get the video of the a-hole in his actions! Now everybody has a phone cam so there is no excuse as video is king in the courts! Then report the A-HOLES to the coast guard as another member said!
  6. YES GEN-ST you are right about standing up to bullies! I am definitely with u on that! Let me know if u want to take out the BULLIES! I WOULD LOVE THAT FIGHT! HUNTER
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