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  1. There Bangin on em!!!!!! Browns, Stony light to Southwick Beach state park!!!!!!!
  2. T Spoon Lures Looking for some Tspoons the spoons that came out of Auburn NY. The two smallest sizes are what I am most interested in. Let me know what you got. Thanks scott
  3. What happened to the talk about, the size of the salmon dictates a lot about the forage. The salmon caught this year seem well feed, and good numbers of 20-30lb Kings. More so than most years The fish seem well feed. Is every one hammerin em, no this isn't 1987. To me the numbers are not there, are they surviving??? Is the bait gone, are the lakers eating all the freshly planted salmon??? What's the survival rate with dec. current stockings. You all must have for got when the comerants would decimate the barge stocked Browns. Why is the brown Trout fishery holding , and kings can't???? Where have all these supposed salmon gone, so many questions un answered. Is the state broke and this is the excuse??? This is New York state
  4. West of the harbor, towards fair haven was the ticket for us, triples right outta the gate
  5. Tales from the trench!!!!! Glad to hear that ol trench is on fire this year, fruit basket, whole bait has been the deal on that 140 contour.
  6. Fish are stacked up outside the harbor, jumping like crazy right at dark near entrance!!!
  7. Seems like the last few days Oswego charter, and rec boats have been on fire!!!!! A lot of fresh fish still Rollin on in... Just sayin
  8. How slow can these be run? What some favorite speeds to run these? Thanks
  9. How slow can these be run? What some favorite speeds to run these? Thanks
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