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  1. How far of leads from the downrigger ball are you guys on the St. Lawrence River running your baits back. Tight to the ball? Or back a ways thanks scott
  2. The point in the above post about "Bleeding the fish" IMO makes all the difference. Don't do it they taste like ****.
  3. Smaller boats going through fine my buddies 23ft wellcraft just makes it through most bigger boats have been going around association
  4. Vince great response and we all know you certainly know your stuff. I will disagree with you about numbers of the catch. The Wisconsin side of the lake has not cut the stocking as much as Michigan has. They have actually cut the browns which made no sense and pissed a ton off. Catches of kings the last few years from Chicago to Big bay de noc in Northern Michigan from spring to fall have been epic. Some charters have averaged 20-30 kings a trip Since May this year and the kicker was the abundance of bigger 25-30lb kings the last few years. Not to mention the biggest cohos in recent memory and the continued world class steelhead fishery that takes place in NW Lake Michigan in the summer. Alewife Numbers have risen. The Michigan side of the lake is a totally different ball game. It almost reminds me of some of Lake Ontario’s lull periods of years past on the eastern end when you captains have consistent fishing on the western end. The Michigan side goes from no fish to all of a sudden tons of fish staging before they enter the rivers. They always have there days late summer early fall. The pen rearing has played a significant role in Lake Ontario as natural reproduction has. From a numbers perspective I would hesitate to say that Lake Ontario trout and salmon catch is far superior than lake Michigan’s. Overall kings, coho’s steelhead fishing is pretty solid out of a lot of Michigan’s ports. There is no indication that this is going to change i the near future.
  5. If I had to bet a dollar$$ there are a few kings that have entered the trench, lake trout are on bottom off the finger 140+ a few kings are on the mountain and south towards the north dune. It’s the same **** as it’s been for 20 years outta Henderson. And it’s been rough most of the days. Henchens is ganna have a pile of lake trout and a few kings at the fish cleaning station and those kids are ganna be pissed by the end of the day cleaning all them slimers that mostly get thrown away
  6. Over 25 charters went out of Henchen's this morning gotta be reports somewhere.......
  7. Michigan seems to have rebounded with the size of the kings. Fish over 30lbs have been consistently weighed in spring and summer tournaments all over the lake. This weekend loads of fish pushing 40lbs and several over 40 have been weighed in during competitions all over the MI/WI shorelines. Also the cohos are bigger this year than ever. Lake Ontario has always had the bigger kings. Whats goin on??? Opinions.......
  8. My trip last week to Henderson we were taking skippers, and so was my buddies boat. Id say more than normal. Tons and tons of bait in the Henderson Area right now as always attracted to the structure and current this area of the lake has.
  9. We fished Henderson July 25-27. It was rough most of the trip in my smaller boat but we got some windows of opportunity and put it on em. Kings and Lakers 85-110 Down off the finger and south of Galloo island. Spin doctors and atomic flies on riggers and wire got it done. 19lb king was our biggest fish.
  10. What length of leader from the flasher to the bait head is a good starting point? Thanks.
  11. Headed up for 5 days any info/reports? I hear the salmon and lakers are piling up at henchens cleaning station. Thanks in advance....
  12. That sucks you lost your probe. I'm hearing reports that kings are coming out at the shipping lane wall. Also kings are showing up at the Henchens cleaning station. With the lake temps a little behind this year I bet the next couple weeks more salmon will move into the area, Mountain, south of Galloo island etc. It's only a matter of time
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