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  1. Repaints by Nantahala Tackle Company 7 nk28’s 4 pirate 55’s 34.00 shipped to your door PayPal only https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  2. These are all refurb/repaints by Nantahala Tackle Company. 7 nk L24 (4d lites) 2 purple puke, 2 blue puke, 3 dr death patterns. New hooks and rings on the NK’S. and 3 Michigan stingers in emerald shiner 30.00 that includes shipping https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  3. Old school black and silver spook pattern. These are refurb NK mags painted by Nantahala Tackle Company https://m.facebook.com/pg/nantahalanailer New paint, new rings, new hooks 20. 00 that includes shipping, PayPal only
  4. 9 NK mags these are refurbs painted by Nantahala Tackle Company https://m.facebook.com/pg/nantahalanailer/about/ Check out the video that goes over refurb process on Facebook news rings and new hooks 40.00 that will include shipping PayPal only
  5. Have any of you henderson guys fished the NE end of the shipping lane? Im talking off Mud bay where the lake hits that 130 ft counter and if you troll sw you'll eventually end up at the wall. Seems like an area that would not get much attention Scott
  6. Looking for straight silver pirate 55’s or the 66’s condition doesn’t matter
  7. I can go 32.00 shipped if anyone's interested. Paypal
  8. 5 brand new 3 7/8” spoons(Rainbow) pink and blue, painted by Nantahala Tackle Company. That same popular blank fished on Lake Ontario for years. 3 Nickle, 2 copper backed. $22.00 that includes shipping. PayPal
  9. Here is 8 spoons painted by Nantahala Tackle Company up for sale. 6 spook patterns and 2 pink and purple. Brand new. Same exact blank that has been popular in the Lake Ontario region for years. Popular 3 7/8” inch size. Similar to NK, Dreamweaver etc. These 8 are 35.00 and that includes shipping
  10. These are refurb NK’s painted by Nantahala tackle company. Old school NKs cleaned up and repainted. Brand new hooks and rings. 5 28’s 2 mags 30.00 that includes shipping pay pal only https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  11. Go to the Facebook page scroll through all the photos
  12. https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  13. Looking for mag and 28. They can be old just need to be the silver blanks. Tape on them is fine. They would need to be shipped and PayPal as payment thank you
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