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  1. PS - I work as a wind engineering consultant - this is a very important question to me
  2. What do you guys use for weather forecasts? I went to Bronte last week because Weather Network predicted winds of >20 km/h out of the North all day. I got there at about 9 pm to dead calm. Not a sign of life, and the guys I talked to on the pier said the same thing - expected big north winds and there was nothing.
  3. Hope so! Likely won't be able to get out until this Saturday morning, which is not ideal considering the flow rate at Bronte right now (0.85 cms) and no rain in the forecast for almost a week. The cold nights are quite welcome though. Apparently the east tribs are loading up though. Too far for me to drive though!
  4. Thanks man - can't wait to try it out Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Can't wait to try out the mouth of Bronte for some staging chinnies. I'm thinking first week of September on. Any tips? I'm thinking of just launching my kayak at the beach and flat lining J13's and other crank baits just anywhere the day after a good rain. Apparently the fluorescent red (bright orange) and gold is a go-to. Maybe black/gold and black/silver as well?
  6. That second picture - what a tank! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. New to the forum Hey guys - my wife got me an angling kayak for my birthday and I'm pumped to use it this spring. I've been almost exclusively stream fishing (mainly fly fishing) for the past few years since moving to Southern Ontario from Northern Ontario. Looks like a wealth of information on here for fishing the Great Lakes, and I can use a lot of help. Looking forward to contributing in the near future!
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